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Totems of the Grizzlemaw. Lake Wintergrasp. Mountains of Thunder. Stormwind. Way of the Monk. Anduin's Theme.

Personally, I consider the version of Anduin's Theme in the login music (Kingdoms Will Burn) to be Varian's Theme as well, since it's heavily associated with him in both the cinematic and the Broken Shore. Really, for me the melody of Anduin's Theme belongs more to the House of Wrynn than Anduin himself. The version in Kingdoms Will Burn is probably my favorite version of the piece too.
I love the theme music in Eversong. Its perfect for the race.

Shrine of Seven Stars

Alliance had it better in MoP ;(
I LOVE the music in wow. I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE it haha! Its so beautiful. I'm in love with the music on the Vindicar right now. Blizz really knocked it out of the park there. Also:

Tanaris (the part with the vocals)

Hunter Class Hall Music

Mage Class Hall and the area under Dalaran with the portals

Old Nagrand was the first place I would go to just to listen to the music

Also loved Talador, the Night Elf starting zone, and all the other popular ones already mentioned!
The theme for WoD's Talador

Or the Wandering Isle
The music upon entering Lucifron's cavern.
Suramar's music
11/16/2017 09:37 AMPosted by Yenjian
The theme for WoD's Talador


Yes! I would go there all the time to just stand around and listen to the music.
Elwynd forest and Grizzly Hills
11/13/2017 11:52 PMPosted by Ayax

3) Anduin's new theme. It seems to be a variation of the one in Lion's Rest. Varian was a beast, and every time I hear that theme I get the feels. (a remix I really enjoy)

This and Lion's Rest (I lump them together since they're so similar and because they're both amazing,) are just soo damn good. This music helped make Legion that much more impactful, and it's probably one of my favorite in the game now.

That, and Lament of the Highborne.

One thing that is nearly always consistent is the music. This is one of the few times I'll ever bookmark a forum post so I can make sure I snag all the good links.

11/13/2017 11:52 PMPosted by Ayax

2) Artha's Invincible. This song is simply amazing, it gets all the right tones about Arthas' fall from grace. it just invokes that "inevitability of fate" feeling so well, it reminds us of his potential and of what he could've become.

1) Nightsong. Night Elves are my favorite race in the game, I mained them throughout WC3, and I do so on WoW as well. This song was playing the only time I ever shed tears in this game, which was when Ysera died. Everything was done very well on that cinematic, Ysera's spirit ascending to the sky, the eclipse as if Elune itself was crying, and also Tyrande's expressions. Thinking about it makes me sad.

Tell me about your favorites ;)

I think this is what helps make warcraft so good. We have these wonderful and tragic characters and the music score never disappoints. They're brilliant at capturing the mood and the feeling of whats going on in a scene and in a characters mind.
A couple tracks that stand out in my mind are Teldrassil, especially the part that comes in at 1:12.

Also the original shadowmoon valley from BC. They really nailed the atmosphere with that one.
My absolute favorite of all time has always been Azuremyst Isle. Love the calming, new agey, nature sound of it. It takes me to my happy place. Also love the music from Frostfire Ridge, in WoD, although I don't know what it's called. In BfA I am loving the music from Zandalar. Love all their music, but those, plus the tavern music, are my favorites.
Wow hasn't had any music that has actually blown me away since Mists. It's all felt kind of canned since then. Even daughter of the sea feels like something they spent hundreds of hours on, and yet it could have as easily come out of a book of sea shanties.

Kun-Lai Summit, particularly 1:09 and 2:13, is probably my current favorite.

Also shout out to Operation Gnomeragan, that's some crazy syncopation going on in there.
To the people who answered with Grizzly Hills, I salute you!
My favorite is actually Alliance side tavern/inn music.

Also, Boralus general music is very solid as well. Unfortunately Horde side didn't seem to get as great of music, since they had jungle zones, as opposed to the folksy Naval rifts that match Alliance.

Also, one old favorite of mine from WoD was the hourlong world PvE score. I believe there was a track called "Wolf At the Gates" that straight got me pumped up.
11/14/2017 01:09 AMPosted by Magnata
Northrend transport music

I'd have to support that. Northrend transport is the best, hands down.
My top 5 tracks, in no particular order:
1. War-the original music that played in vanilla SFK.
2. Night Elves-gives me chills
3. WoTLK login music, esp the last min of the track.
4. The Iron Docks
5. Invincible.

I listen to most of these daily as they are on my cardio playlist.
WotLK, Grizzly Hills theme. By far. I still listen to the wrath soundtrack in my car on long trips and the violin piece for Grizzly Hills still moves me every time.
Spotify has most of the WoW sountrack on there. I really enjoy The Undercity, Bloodmyst, and Borean Tundra by Derek Duke.

They also have music from Starcraft, Dragon Age, and a bunch of other video game soundtracks.
Grizzly Hills has the best soundtrack in the game change my mind.
WoD soundtrack. Sucks the patches were crap but the zones, questing, and music were one of warcraft's best.

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