LF friend with Glacial Gloves Pattern

Willing to x-fer to you to get them crafted - (My mats provided)

Hi - I've been trying to send friend requests to you, but you're probably ignoring them thinking they're spam or something, since I can't attach a note to the request!

If you still need them, I can craft the entire Naxx set. I have some mats available, too (runes, also).

To anyone else, since I see requests in the profession forums from time to time, I can make everything in Tailoring. I have a lot of old rare mats. The only recipe I'm missing is the Top Hat one (some day it will drop, I know it!). So if anyone needs something hard to find, contact me. This is the tailor, on Stormrage US Alliance side.

so.. how much do you sell the gloves for if you had to make them using your mats? These gloves are my "dream xmog item". I have a baby alt on Stormrage, but no gold there.
On the off-chance you still require these gloves, I can also craft them.

I am not comfortable posting my battle tag, but you can find me on Cenarion Circle.

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