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Join us live on Thursday, October 5, at 11:00 a.m. PDT, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A. We’ll be looking back over the first few weeks of 7.3, and answering your questions about everything involved with the patch, as well as any questions concerning Legion you may have.

You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #LegionQA.

As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Thursday!
Any updates on the plans for artifact appearances post-Legion?
Has the Mythic Dungeon Invitational given the team more insight on what classes need help with defensives and/or utility?

If so, will anything change before Antorus?
What will be used to replace artifacts after legion?
where is Sylvanas
Will you remove all old models next expansion? You have removed BE/NE old models back in 7.0 and draenei in 7.3. Don't use Demon hunter as your excuse. My video proves you are just lying on this issue.

If you decide to remove them, please make new models look more like old models instead of all faces looking the same.

Or bring back old models!
Not a question, but the cinematic that ends Antorus needs to be epic. This is the biggest ingame lore moment to date, it needs to live up to it. It needs to be so good that people turn off the auto skips on their mods...
Netherlight crucible relics are fun, but unless you read a guide, you can't experiment with them to see with one you like the most, maybe we could respec/reroll netherlight traits for AP?
Are you ok with the amount of guilds so far who have killed Avatar and KJ? If not, any more plans for nerfs?

Alternative one if you like that question path:

What did you and the devs do to make sure Antorus didn't suffer the same soak/comp issues as ToS?
Will more player agency be given to specs that have high RNG swings? Shouldn’t playing a class or spec well, result in the player feeling empowered? No matter how you frame it, playing against RNG isn’t fun.
Statistic shows you actually do not care balance.

According to statistic, bad specs will always be bad and good specs will always be good since buff bad specs = make good specs players unhappy = more good specs players unsub = lose profit.
Any plans on increasing the droprate of legendaries? Personally, playing alts is less fun when the legendaries I need for any given character/spec have such a low droprate.
Will t19 and t20 be looked at again going in to Antorus? Specific reference to BM hunter where it can be worth it to wear 890 t19 2p on M KJ prog.
Will you remove the entire arena system next expansion? It was awesome you removed 5v5 in Legion. Arena is the single greatest mistake this game has ever made.
The Mythic Dungeon Invitational seemed to highlight some very skewed utility and damage disparity between classes, for example how we saw a lot of Restoration Druids, some Holy Paladins, and very few of the other four healers. With how popular the event was and what it means for esports in WoW, do you guys have plans to address different class/spec toolkits to make certain ones more desirable, or others less 'required' in a competitive 5 man setting?
Are there any plans to reduce the viability of old set bonuses? Having 6 slots locked behind tier feels really bad
Will there be more Story on Argus before we enter Antorus?

Any idea when the raid might be opening?

Aside from next expansion's pre-release event, can we expect more content patches after Antorus for Legion?

EDIT: While this is a bit off topic, I do want to say Legion has been a fantastic expansion so far :)
Any plans to make mission table rewards better with followers at 950? Right now it's hardly worth it. The current rewards are nearly the same while being more difficult to counter, some requiring new troops, as well as cost being double or even triple the resources. Feels bad to do the work expecting greater rewards only to find that it hurts more than it helps. Also alt unfriendly.

Edit: Added more detail & cleared up question.

New edit: As of the Oct 3-4 Hotfix this seems to be somewhat addressed, but it also still seems lacking. From what I've seen, the bonus gold reward has been increased by 250 gold (from 1500 to 1750), and the only huge increase was primal sargerite. We don't even have the vendor for that yet, though, so it's value seems negligible at best right now.
Why does the warrior antorus tier armor look in my opinion bad? It also has clipping issues for some races.
Talking Legendaries again.

Since the launch of Legion, Legendaries have provided a huge impact to gameplay. Some people have swapped mains, or even jumped into Legion late which puts that person behind in terms of acquiring those Legendaries deemed "most needed". Now, Legion has done a great job in terms of providing "new" characters a means to "catch up" to those who have been playing since launch. However, the one glaring issue in this has been Legendaries.

Going forward into Antorus, will Legendary drop rates be increased, or will there be a more fruitful way to target specific Legendaries you want or need?

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