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Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Anyone from Martyrs Blood still around?
I am still around just do not visit the forums often, how have you been? Long long time no see!

Zorashi is also possibly coming back!
Well... can't find the OP Euros on my select list... anyhoo..

Playing on Moon Guard with some friends these days. Glad to see some of the old guard still around, though. I had heard a few years ago that several had moved off to BWR or some such.

Feel free to add my btag, Fallenhero7#1711
Be nice to catch up with some of the old crew, maybe run some stuff.

Same goes for anyone still around from Dreadstorm... just let me know who you are with the btag thing!
Brahm and Lorn just came back in February, but we're both running level boosted chars now in our old alt guild.
Got Fatius sitting on the side lines waiting for Classic to drop!
Glad to see some old faces are still around. Lorn and I have two other RL friends who we've been playing with since we got back. We're always looking for at least another person to try some mythic dungeons or feel free to add me and send me a whisper.

Guild is The Wild Hunt.
I'm a Steamwheedle veteran. But i'm alliance :/
How’s Bloodboil?
Lok Tar Brothers! Martyrs Blood eh? My buddy Immortal Legacy is coming back when Classic drops.

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