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So I want to try Vanilla out because ive watched lots of videos about. The oldschool videos about onixyia wipe, WoW that you play, etc.... It looks so fun. I love the idea of questing and leveling being 70% of the gameplay. My only question is, what should I expect going into this? I heard about some things like leveling spells and quest chains spanning multiple zones, but thats probably a small frsction of the difficulty. Any of you vanillas players wanna give me some tips? Super excited btw. I was sadly only 11 when WoW came out and I was more into Runescape at the time lol
Depends what your goals are for max level and what class you want to level up.

Here are some general tips though.

1) Don't buy every new rank of spell right away. Some of them you can pretty much ignore purchasing until later.

2) Save that gold! If you want to get that mount at around 40 you are gonna need to penny pinch.

3) If leveling a warrior or rogue get first aid and cooking and if you want to take it a step further get alch and herb. This will decrease your downtime between mob kills while leveling.
11/07/2017 08:19 PMPosted by Rokaruu
get first aid

All classes honestly; its sooooooo damn good.
I was thinking of making a mage because you can make mana cakes :D
Don't ignore your professions. Unlike modern, crafted gear was pretty useful for levelling. Even as a priest I had first aid capped because bandages don't burn mana so 5 second rule and they vendored for more than the cloth they required to make (or you could sell them to the aforementioned rogues/warriors)... :)

Learn all of your class's abilities and have them bound because you'll most likely run into a situation where they will be useful.

Don't be surprised if you have to run away or die, a lot, no matter what class you're playing.

Know how to pull mobs, charging into them is a good way to trigger that run or die scenario.
11/07/2017 08:25 PMPosted by Suzyruzy
I was thinking of making a mage because you can make mana cakes :D

Mage was my main in vanilla and they are definitely one of the easier classes to level. Having the ability to make your own food and water was !@#$ing amazing back then. Not to mention being able to teleport and make portals to all the major cities. You can make a little money on the side by having people tip you for portals.
I remember a couple of quests that started in Eastern Kingdoms and ended in Kalimdor, the quest was to talk to someone....and that's it. But really the quest allowed you to explore the world and get some flight paths when you decided to come back.
You will feel frustrated when all your available quests are red and theres no way you can solo them. Have no fear, it is entirely possible to quest all the way to 60 with minimal grinding involved. However, you will do nearly every quest in the game, coming back to the same zone multiple times as those red quests turn yellow. Dont be afraid to hop on a boat to the other continent mid questing zone!
11/07/2017 08:25 PMPosted by Suzyruzy
I was thinking of making a mage because you can make mana cakes :D

You have to make food and water. You had to complete a quest in order to make the best water
Wow Classic is one of the last true mmo rpg from the old school era, you will enjoy it , the leveling part, the sense of a tight community, challenging content, relevant pvp, professions, sense of adventure.

You will love it i guarantee you
I'd pay $200 for Classic if they would let me start today. I want it that bad.
Professions matter/are really helpful on the grind.

Make friends and group often.

Try to plan ahead in the sense that you might want to consider which zones you'll want to go to in a level or two, as you'll be going back and forth every so many levels, the 40s-50s are a good example of when this really kicks in, but it'll happen sooner. Example: Questing in Tanaris and thinking about Hinterlands or Searing Gorge in a bit.
What to expect? Much joy what Classic had to offer you felt accomplished in near anything you did.

But in all seriousness I made a forum earlier listing some information on all classes (most if not all should be accurate)

Prob make a guild to depending I do have 11friends wanting me to do it so I might and I will gladly take in noobies that never done vanilla I love helping people New&Old alike everyone deserves a chance.

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