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I am new to WoW, I am moving over from ESO. I am looking for a guild to join who does a bit of everything like PvP, Rp, or PvE. Thank you for the replies.
Hey! If you're willing to consider Horde, <Odyn's Horde> is a small guild looking to build and welcoming and friendly to new players! We do a little bit of everything but rping. We like to be social and are patient with newer players. We are based in Azuremyst, though most of us play based on EST. No level requirement is being looked for just looking for players, and as long as you don't do anything to screw over the guild, and are at least somewhat active you can stay. We offer guild repairs, and a friendly atmosphere with people looking to have fun not going hard on raiding, or pvp. Just fun. If you're interested add me on @ Greyhunter14#1283

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