⚔️Project 60 Oceanic-Amun'Thul HORDE⚔️

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Have a couple of guys over 40! Just getting there 60% mount (thank god)

Join in on the fun experience!!!
only 4 days in everyone is still welcome

https://discord.gg/cns8xB checkout the discord for information!
This is great has that vanilla feel to it, and the community that we have going at the moment is making me play this more than my main
Had our first 60 today Goondrinker put a lot of hours in and grinded it out!!

Everyone is still welcome, there is no rush! Come on in and enjoy the project 60 life!
https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759262758 ^ i believe that's your forum :)

Anywhoo Horde side going strong with just over 100members with new players joining everyday! Come find out what its all about on our discord:

When a 110 offers a new member 16 slot bags and i get a whisper asking if its a test...
The positivity has been astounding so far. If you would like to join us it’s never too late! We have people leveling from all different stages so there is always someone to play with!
Doing our first MC run tomorrow, great day for leveling and dungeons today with about 5 people reaching 60 and a lot gaining pace towards it. Still a lot of new faces joining meaning there is still heaps of time to join in on the fun :)
always building the community! Come join :)
Come and join the fun of farming essences of air for enchanting >.>
Our first PvP between opposing guilds! 10v10 Wargames vs the alliance project 60... will be organizing a stream on our end if anyone is interested in watching :)
If anyone is interested https://www.twitch.tv/codemonkeyplays watch the experience:)
Visit our discord for information https://discord.gg/Tbz9yfM
Feel free to add me on bnet Noddy#11169
MC 6mans Running this week! still have stragglers... always time to level!
Our first MC clear is complete! 2 prot warriors 1rsham 1priest and a hunter and mage dps made the 6man group! They are attempting to clear BWL finding trash pretty hard.
For info on how to join:
2 streams are up! For both BWL and MC check them out on Discord
Come on in and enjoy the fun :)
Some more new members joined today! MC/BWL runs planned this sunday
We may be the more difficult p60 (tbh its easy) but we are still clearing our raids with 6man's still getting through BWL... We dont smash through content its at a great pace always time for others to join.

For info on how to join:

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