AOTC Havoc DH looking for new home

Guild Recruitment
Recently came back to the game, long history of high end raiding experience(check my acheives)
looking for a weekday raiding guild, anything after 6PM EST sunday-thurs i'm free
willing to faction change as well!
can also reroll to mage if preferred
zrin#11599 to contact me

9/9H experience this tier so far (came back a few weeks ago after a year break)
My group can use a main DH, as we don't have one anymore, or even another mage. We raid t/th/sun 9pm-12am EST on horde hyjal. I'll leave a link for more information if you're interested. I'm going to have someone add you to chat later in the day too!
Greetings from Reckøning –Proudmoore ,

We are a new raiding guild to the Proudmoore server

If you are new to raiding , never done raiding , need friends to raid with , need mythic plus Dungeons , or an experienced raider we have room for all !

We are aiming to meet other like minded people that want to have fun while progressing together as a team. Our goals are to progress through current raid content into heroic and possibly mythic. We've raided together for a couple years and looking to add to the flock.
We are actively recruiting all roles and our goal is to make a raiding guild that is serious about progression, without the hardcore brutality; Our goal is to keep the guild as well rounded as possible, and keeping the atmosphere a casually serious environment.

For those of you who are looking to raid, we are currently 9/9 normal and the majority of the core group is progressing steadily through heroic at 6/9 Tomb of Sargeras.
We are currently raiding on Fridays at 6pm server time (8 Pm US central), Saturday and Sunday 5 pm server (7 PM US central)
Battle tag: vetter#1341

Who is Stacks In Fire?
Were a fairly new guild, within this expansion, however many of our members have been playing since vanilla. The guild was founded by 3 brothers and IRL friends, and because of that we do have the chill laid back vibe however we are very competitive! If raiding in a Semi hardcore guild is what you're looking for we are PERFECT for you! ❤︎

We Raid Tues, Wed, Friday from 8-11 est. we use Loot Council for our loot system! Fridays are typically optional and are our Heroic runs, However we also have H runs over the weekend.

We also Accept ALL casuals and run M+s daily, PVP, and past content for lego runs.

Our goal:
Our goals are to have fun, and clear content! We want a group of people that not only become friends but also down content! Noone in our guild has an elitist attitude however we are competitive and no matter what our end goal is to complete all Normal, Heroic and Mythic Content!

We expect you to have knowledge of your class and the fights we will be doing. We have guides to show our strats and plenty of videos you can watch! We also expect you to come to raid prepared with your bonus rolls, and on time! Food and flasks are provided by the guild!

We are always running content, Mythic pluses, alt runs for Heroic and normal, leggo runs throughout the week and also PVP. If you are looking for an active guild this is a great place for you!!

Briixxloveee #1363
Discord: - ̗̀ briixxloveee ̖́-#4871

Melee DPS- Open

Enh shaman- Med/Low
Death knight- Med
Demon hunter- medium/high
Rogue- HIGH
Warrior- med
Feral Druid- Med/High
Ret Pally- high
WindWalker Monk- Low

Ranged DPS- Open

Boomkin- High
Lock- low
Shadow priest- low
Hunter- Med/High
Elemental Shaman - Low

Healers- Will Consider Healers with dps offspec
Mistweaver Monk- Low
Resto Druid- Low
Holy pally- Low
Resto Sham- Med/High
Holy priest- low
Disc priest- Low

Tanks- Not Currently Accepting
Hey Anthith,

I run a guild on Zul'jin Horde called <Calamitous Intent>, and we are a 9/9H semi-casual heroic raiding guild looking for players to join our Heroic raiding roster! Currently, our raiding roster is looking for more DPS, and could definitely use another Demon Hunter -- so you would be a perfect fit on our end! Concerning the general environment of the guild, we want to foster a fun, mature, and friendly community. As far as our core raid team is concerned, we value keeping the balance of meaningful progression and personal enjoyment -- when in raid, we expect everyone to try the best they can, come prepared, and be attentive to the fights. But at the same time, we're not the raid team that's going to ask you to make WoW a second job, and we don't want to lose the fun in raiding semi-casually with a solid group of fun, good people. Below are a few more details for what we're looking for from potential raiders:

What You Can Expect From Us:

- A group of solid, dependable raiders who take the raid time seriously but also enjoy having fun. As cheesy as it sounds, we're a WoW family, and we really like hanging out and doing content as a team.

- When we can, we like to provide food/flask for our raid team. This is possible through the donations to the guild bank, which are not required, but certainly encouraged.

- A smaller, close-knit community of players that loves socializing, helping each other out in and out of game, and enjoying the game's features on all fronts. There is almost definitely someone in our guild that shares the same interests as you!

What We Expect From You:

- A mature, reliable raider who enjoys getting involved and playing with others.

- Come prepared to raid with any relevant runes/pots/flasks/food that you need. Any materials that can be provided by the guild bank will be distributed and you will be given notice before raid.

- We understand real life comes first and that emergencies happen. We're usually pretty chill if something comes up and you can't make raid and that's communicated. But you're also committing to a progression raiding team, and it's imperative that your attendance to raid is consistent.

- We do request that everyone is in our raiding Discord channel for raid sessions for comms.

- iLvl, logs, nor experience are super important to us. In our eyes, all of those things can be built up and easily achieved with time. If you have top parses and insane iLvl, great! -- but that's not really what we look at in potential raiders. What we are more concerned about are personalities. We're looking for people with a friendly disposition and a team-oriented mindset.

Additional Details:

- Raid times are 7-10 PM EST on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. We ask that you be ready for invite if possible around 6:45 so that we can get invites rolling and give a decent amount of time for raid prep (last minute item pickups, travel time to the raid, last minute talent/comp adjustments, etc).

- We also do alt raid nights randomly throughout the week (usally Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). These are certainly not required, and they're ultimately wild-card raiding sessions to help guildies with content that the core raid team has already outpaced (ToS Normal, Nighthold/EN mixed difficulties, etc).

- Other than raiding, we do enjoy partaking in other WoW activities! Most of us enjoy Mythic+ dungeons as well as both casual and ranked PvP in our spare time as well. We also have people that enjoy doing transmog runs, achievement hunting, pet and mount collecting, and other activities in game.

If you're interested in talking more with our guild, I'd love to sit down with you and have a chat. Feel free to get in touch by sending me a friend request on BNet: Mom#11116, or add me on Discord: Chat Mom#4179. I plan on adding you on Bnet when I get home from work. I'm really hoping to hear back from you, and I want to wish you the best of luck in your guild search! Have an amazing day!
Hey Anthith,

Going to ditch the guild spam and give you a summary. Mechanically Challenged is looking for skilled DPS for our Mythic Roster. We are currently 3/9M with Sisters sub 20%. We would love to add a full time Demon Hunter to our Roster as we recently had a melee position open up! If you are active outside of raids and enjoy Mythic+/are social on Discord then let's chat!

Our Raid Days: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11EST

Hiya Anthith!

If horde is an option and Sun/Mon/Tues 9:30pm to 12am EST could work for you I'd love to chat!

We are currently 1/9M and looking for positive/friendly DPS to join our team!

We are not hardcore by any means. We aim to run our raids as relaxed and stress free as possible within a very fun/positive atmosphere. We clear heroics weekly and dabble into Mythics on the days our roster allows us.

If you are looking for a fun, stable, long standing home (we have been around since 2008) then please add Nox#1368 for a quick chat!
Best of luck with your search and happy raiding!
<Lobster Farm> is an Alliance guild on US-Sargeras, looking for like minded people to raid Heroic and Mythic content. Currently need PATIENT players who are willing to jump into Mythic with us! At this point all we need are the numbers!

Preferably mythic raid experience and AOTC KJ. Positive attitude and patientience.

We are currently 9/9 H TOS with the members currently here, but we need more to start Mythic progression!!! Leader has:
8/10 M NH
3/9 M TOS

/Current Days/Times/
We are currently a 2 day guild, but will be moving to 3 days once Mythic/Antorus progression starts

Tuesday: 11:45pm-3am CST
Thursday: 11:45pm-3am CST
Once Mythic/Antorus starts we will be adding:
Wednesday: 11:45pm-3am


Currently recruiting a back up tank of any class.

Resto Druid
Resto shaman
Holy Paladin
Disc/Holy Priest

Anything but Hunter or Druid.

Loot will be distributed using RC_LootCouncil for MYTHIC progression only. Heroic and Normal runs will be personal.

For any questions please send a friend request to:
Spoodle#1452 (GM)
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ
<Use Your Imagination> is currently recruiting core spots to push Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. We are a semi-hardcore two day guild currently in need of a Havoc DH DPS. Current prog is 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 9/10M NH and 4/9 M ToS. We are located on Zul'jin Horde, raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST (server time). If you are interested, please add Soariation#9990 to Discord (preferably) or Soariation#1897 to Battle Tag. We look forward to hearing from you!
Is a new guild on Stormrage with the goal of not only building a raid team, but building a community. While many of us enjoy raid and devote much of our time into improving as players, we also love our guild because of the people in it. PugLife is looking to build a home for all players. Raiders, newcomers, alts, whoever. If you like to log onto WoW, pop into discord, and have some laughs. We are the guild for you.

All that being said, we are certainly looking to flesh out our raid group!
We are 9/9N and 9/9H ToS
Raid days/times: T/Th 9pmEST-11pmEST.
Server: Stormrage
Faction: Alliance

Who are we looking for: Mage, rogue, and demon hunter. All classes and good players will definitely be considered! As our raid group grows we will also be looking for one more healer, preferably a priest or resto shaman.

Our plan is to continue ToS H farm until next tier, then hopefully have the numbers to progress into mythic!

Why PugLife?
PugLife is more than just raid days. We are often online playing alts, chatting in discord, or playing games together outside of WoW. We are a happy family of friends who have been in and out of other guilds and never found what we really wanted. We are a young adult guild made of guys and gals with full time jobs, kids, and real life responsibilities. So, if you're interested in making a guild your home and you're willing to grow with our young guild, we are happy to have you! No matter what stage of leveling you're in.

Send me a message on Bnet so I can answer any questions you may have: Godeo#1447
Hey Anthith!
We are a 3/9 mythic raiding guild and would love to add a solid DH to our roster. We're a pretty laid back guild with people always in and out of discord. Serious about raiding though and progression for everyone. Would love to hear from you, add me or check out our discord!


We are a progression raiding guild that has started mythic progression in Tomb.
We have a progression mind set but casual in the off hours.
Our team enjoys all aspects of the game and we like to have fun, without fun and enjoyment whats the point of playing.

We are 1/9 M Tomb. We are currently looking for skilled DPS and one healer to fill our ranks.
Tomb raid times will be Sat 730 to 1030 and Sun 7 to 10 server.
We do Normal for Farm on Wed at 7:30 server.
Gearing people is not a problem...

Need DPS and a Healer

Contact me at letaa#1774

We use discord for voice.
<Aes Sedai> Mythic Team is recruiting!

Aes Sedai is a Mythic progression guild on Whisperwind/Dentarg

Raid Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday, & Monday 7pm-10pm Central

Currently Recruiting (Updated 17th July 2017)
Druid - Balance
Shaman - Elemental/Restoration
Hunter - Beast Mastery/Marksman
Mage - Arcane/Fire/Frost
Priest - Shadow
Warlock - Affliction/Destruction/Demonology
Monk - Windwalker/Mistweaver
DH - Havoc

These are the specific classes we are looking for to join our mythic team, and it will be updated to reflect our needs in the future.

NH: 6/10M-10/10H-10/10N
TOV: 2/3M-3/3H-3/3N
EM: 7/7M-7/7H-7/7N
HFC: 13/13M-13/13H-13/13N

Some information about Aes Sedai
Aes Sedai is an Alliance guild that formed on Whisperwind in April 2010 and consists of members with varying work and personal commitments. The members in our raid team excel at the game and are able to progress through content while current without the need for a demanding raid schedule. That being said, you will always find plenty of members online at any given time in-game or in our guild vent.

A large draw to Aes Sedai is our commitment to our raid schedule. We always start and finish our raids at the scheduled times so you will not run into a situation where raiding is conflicting with other commitments. Along with this, we also aim to make sure every member is a valuable part of our raid team. In joining our raid team, we try to make sure everyone gets to participate in the fights. Due to the nature of progression and the size of our roster we do have to rotate people in and out on mythic fights to fit the comp we need so bear in mind that people, whether it be you or an officer, will be sitting fights on occasion.

Finally, our main goal is to have fun while clearing content. The guild is comprised of adults from all walks of life who share a common passion for serious raiding in World of Warcraft in a laid back atmosphere.

In order to make progress with our raid schedule, there are a few things we expect from you:
Be on time for raids.
Be able to listen and speak in TeamSpeak/Discord as required.
Study the mechanics of any upcoming progression fight.
Be raid aware.
Be all you can be by doing things that can help you maximize your characters performance (e.g World Bosses).
Know that mechanics>numbers.
Have a good attitude!

Other things to know about us!
All raid necessities are provided by the guild. We have 8 bank tabs with 4 dedicated to raiding supplies. Enchants, flasks, pots etc. are available to all raiders and their alts. In return you are expected to contribute to the guild bank to help maintain the supply.
We pass out loot based on an EPGP system.

For more information, chat in-game with our recruiting officers Perecles or Rhynno (btag's Perecles#1549 or Rhynno#1114 respectively) If you’re ready to apply, simply fill out an application on our website.


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