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Ember- Zul'jin

Ember is a large gaming community guild on US Zul'jin, looking for Raiders and Social members alike!

RAIDING- currently filling out our teams for BfA!

**Recruitment needs at the bottom of the page.**

We offer 4 active raiding teams. We cater to both the progression focused raider, or the more casual raider depending on your style and availability.

Each team has their own raid leaders, who have different outlooks on exactly what they would like to achieve throughout each tier:

Magma (11/11 H 6/11 M ANOTRUS)- Primarily Heroic focused and further on into Mythic when the team is ready. Their goal is to have the current tier on HC farm while also going into the more challenging Mythic bosses, when this has been achieved. They raid two days a week, Sunday and Monday 21:00-00:00AM Server time.

Forge (11/11H ANTORUS)- Stumblin' through progression every Friday night.
They are a casual group getting together one night per week to get through the current tier content on heroic prior to the next tier being released.. They raid Friday, 20:30-23:30 Server time

Volcano (Newly formed in BFA)- Where our flow is like lava. Where memes and bosses come to die. Pushing heroic content fast so we can focus on mythic. Volcano is a newly building team that is looking for all qualified applicants to help us reach our goals. We have lots of opportunity for people to prove themselves and step up and achieve. Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday 1030-130 server time (EST).

We also mix in 'phun' runs each week, usually normal runs of the current tier. All guildies are welcome, provided you meet appropriate (but not crazy) gear requirements.


Not to be overlooked in Ember is the large social aspect of our guild, as well as our extended gaming community. We are proud of our social community within WoW, regularly putting on events, prizes, parties... Or even just helping out on that M+ you need, or teaming up for that daily grind we all have to do.

We have a discord server, which all of our members are encouraged to be a part of. You will soon see we play many other games outside of WoW, and for the more popular games, we have leaders that organise lots of events. Of course, you can always waste your time with a good conversation, or alcohol fueled 'terrible' movie nights (which are legendary around these parts) that are hosted regularly.

So if raiding is something that you are not interested in, do not over look us, as Ember's social gaming community is active and thriving... you won't be bored here!!

If you would like more information, including additional info about our raid teams and what they can offer you, please visit our website. Here you will find a link to our discord server and application form:


Additionally, you can add or PM our recruitment officer for any questions or queries you may have regarding our guild or your application status:

DarkLacansa (In game).


**Even if your class isn't listed, please feel free to contact us anyway as we are always looking for great players regardless of class and/or spec**


Magma is currently full as there has been a high interest for BfA. Watch this spot for recruitment in the future.


Forge are looking for one more healer and 3-4DPS. One of these a DK!!


As this is a newly formed raid team in BFA, we are looking for all worthy candidates!!
Our forge raid group are looking for bodies, especially a tank :)
Still looking for great raiders :)
Raiders wanted!!

I'm for sure interested in joining you guys! I'm a 914ilvl UH DK with 5/9 H TOS experience. I am an officer in my current guild, but sadly due to a schedule change I can no longer raid with them. I was also a Raid Leader through NH N and for 6/10 NH H.

I took a break from WoW during our H ToS progression because of my changing schedule, but, now I am back and ready to get back into raiding.

With my current schedule I think I would be a good fit for the Forge team. I look forward to hearing from you! :D
Hey Todd, I'm sorry I didn't see your post. if you are still interested, you can add me on Bnet (Darknstormy#2405)
Our Forge raid group are still looking for great raiders, especially tanks!!
Raiders wanted!!
10/27/2017 02:53 PMPosted by Darklacansa
Raiders wanted!!

Hi i have been trying to join Phoenix for a week now are they still looking for healers?
10/28/2017 07:35 AMPosted by Sketch
10/27/2017 02:53 PMPosted by Darklacansa
Raiders wanted!!

Hi i have been trying to join Phoenix for a week now are they still looking for healers?

You've been trying to join? Sorry if you have and haven't had any responses. Add me on Btag, and we can have a chat :) Darknstormy#2405
uptdated recruit needs :)
sent u a battle tag request if u could respond would be great
I would be interested in tanking for Forge. Only if it would eventually become a mythic group. No one wants to stay heroic forever.
Looking for great raiders still :)
Bumps for more raiders and socials!!
Our Phoenix team are in need of some ranged DPS :D
Phoenix is still in need of great radiers!!
Come join <Ember> we're a lot of fun. ;D

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