[H] <Part Time Heroes> Th/M 8/8H 1/8M

<Part Time Heroes> is recruiting some DPS! We are currently 8/8H and 1/8M.
We are a casual raiding guild focused on building a strong community of friends, while still progressively raiding. We are an adult guild but we don't take things, or ourselves, too seriously.

While our main focus as a raid team is achieving AoTC, we do intend to casually progress into mythic once heroic is cleared. If mythic raiding is not something you're interested in however, no worries... attendance for mythic is completely optional and meant for those on our team who would like the additional challenge after we have conquered heroic. We do encourage everyone to tag along though, as it's bound to be a great time!

As a guild, we are mostly focused on the PvE aspects of the game: Raiding and Mythic +. We do have people who are interested in doing pvp, and may be looking into creating an rbg team in the future.

Part Time Heroes is also an open LGBTQ friendly guild. We strive to have an inclusive community that supports this. We have several open members and welcome any whom are looking to join our growing community

Important Stuff:

Raid Times: Thursday 8pm-11pm, and Monday 8pm-10pm Server (PST).
We also have a completely optional alt night run through Normal on Tuesdays from 8pm-10pm.

Voice/Website: Discord

Loot: We are currently using RC Loot Council to help divy out loot that our raiders do not want. The addon is required, but there is no requirement to give up loot.

Attendance: Real life happens and we understand that. While we would love to have everyone attend raid 100% of the time, we understand it isn't always feasible. If you are unable to make a raid, we just request that you pop a message into our AFK channel in Discord to let us know!

Raid Consumables (food and flasks), Gems, and Enchants supplied to all Raiders. We do appreciate donations, though!

<Currently Recruiting>
-Any DPS spec, melee or ranged!
-DPS with OS Tank spec who is comfortable with raid tanking in case of an absence
-Ranged DPS with OS Heals who is comfortable with raid healing in case of an absence

If you are interested, and can make our raid times, get in contact with one of our officers. :)

Contact Info:
GM: Tyranos - panda507#1655
Raid Leader: Lemon - Genuinejerk#1979
Recruitment: Kath - Kathulhu#1562
LF more part time heroes!!!
Now looking to fill one healer position! Preferably Mistweaver Monk or Holy Pally :)
We're still accepting a few new people in anticipation for Antorus!
Hit me up wits#1997
Killed the first two mythic bosses last night for fun! May get to have one more look before Antorus comes out.

We're also still accepting a few more ranged or melee dps. :)
We've currently got room to add 1 healer! Preferably a holy priest or mistweaver monk!
Currently looking to add a couple more ranged dps to our raid roster!
My guild recently fell apart & Im now looking for a new home. Im an Ele/Resto 964. I have also been picking up Warlock recently. Ive raided 11/11 H & 2/11 M. Because of my work schedule I unfortunately can not make any hard comments as I never know week to week what my schedule will be. Right now Im mainly looking for a good home to rest my panda head.

Thank you,
Hi, I’ve started back up from a hiatus after WoD (leveling up my kids). I’d love to be considered for the guild. I’ve been playing mistweaver monk as my main. Current iLvl is 872.
Please let me know what you think.

Bonerclese #1602
I'm also starting back up from a small break. Your raid times are perfect for me. Currently working on gearing up via World Quests and quest chains I haven't finished as well.
Hey there, Muchacho and Poxus!
We've actually just closed recruitment for our raid team. :( But if you are still interested in joining the guild as casuals we would love to have you!
As a casual, you would still be welcome to join in on mythic+ runs and our weekly Normal night/alts night on Tuesdays 8-10pm pst. From there, if we end up having spots open up on our raid team, we could interview you and trial you for the raid team.
If not, no hard feelings, and I wish you the best! :)

We are currently looking to recruit a TANK. We will be running through a quick normal AtBT run this Thursday at 8pm pst to trial.
If you are interested, please get in touch with an officer. :)
Running a quick normal tonight @ 8pm PST, would like to trial some tanks that are looking for a new home for BfA!
Currently looking for a tank for our raid! Please get in touch with an officer if you are interested! :)
bump! looking to fill this tank spot asap! :)
Still looking for a tank!
We are also looking to add a couple of other folks! DPS w/ tank OS, Ranged DPS, and Ranged DPS w/ OS Heals!
Get in touch with an officer if you're interested! :)
We are now looking for any and all DPS classes/specs! :)

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