Which dps has the most survival kit?

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I'm going to go with Rogues>Mages>Hunters
10/26/2017 05:12 PMPosted by Jinhailao
As far as DPS specs, Windwalker Monks have good damage reduction, great CC, and Touch of Karma, which is boss.

Afflic Lock, if fighting against 1 enemy (with some exceptions like elites), will not die as long as you're channeling Drain Soul.

Ret Pally can combine insane self-healing with good single-target damage with a talent combo and luck on getting said combo to proc. They also get exclusive perks of an immunity shield, a shield that damages when broken, and a full-heal, all on cooldowns.

Havok DH is similar to Ret Pally, but with amazing AoE, and trades the luck aspect for a short burst window.
Afflock with Prydaz. RAWR!
Vengeance demon hunters.

One of them solo'd gul'dan recently

I'm going to go with Rogues>Mages>Hunters

10/26/2017 03:32 PMPosted by Oswill
Retri paladin?

Affliction warlock?

I'd say its very situational.

In a PvP perspective I would say Ret paladin because of your divine protection, insta full heal, and other DCD's because compared to a affliction warlock the lock is going to be quashed because of its cloth armor and if 3 people are focusing them it doesn't matter how much drain soul will heal you they will kill you.

In PvE I would have to go with Affliction, yes if a raid has alot of insta kill mechanics ret paladin has a slight edge because of divine protection preventing the kill. But Affliction warlocks have the better survivability because between the dots and other draining life and the fact your not melee range so cleave is not a problem. I'd say affliction warlock wins for PvE.

Note depending on Mythic + dungeons PvE may vary on that alone depending on the challenges of that week.
10/26/2017 06:13 PMPosted by Gnometastic
Afflock with Prydaz. RAWR!

You summoned me? :D
Afflock. Since they're cloth without mobility they're compensated with more self healing.

In PvP..they kinda suck right now but demo locks are incredibly tanky still despite their nerfs. You shoulda seen them a few months ago..holy crap. They were like caterpillar bulldozers.
10/26/2017 04:39 PMPosted by Shadow
10/26/2017 03:34 PMPosted by Zurilia
Blood DK. Very little question. Unless you can burst them down in short order, they WILL heal all of that back up, and hit you in the face while doing it.


That acronym does not mean what you think it means.

There was a time.........when we are dps too.........
When the specs........can tank, and dps too...........
There are people crying............when we say Blood DPS...........
The greatest fun of all..................
10/26/2017 06:13 PMPosted by Gnometastic
Afflock with Prydaz. RAWR!

Now you're just being silly...

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10/26/2017 04:02 PMPosted by Limelol
Depends on what you're trying to survive.

In most content, it's easily Affliction Warlock. We have incredibly high self healing baked into our rotation. I can facetank any Argus rare without a demon or Prydaz indefinitely, even when I wasn't overgeared.

I don't think many people understand how powerful Drain Soul is, especially when Reap is active. 500k healing a tic, non crit, no reap.

Add a 900k+ shield that recharges super quick based off your damage, too.

There are many talents we can take to become even tankier too.

That said, it doesn't mean we're the best at soaking all mechanics. Despite our tankiness, wed on't have actual immunities.

I can do the same as Destro. Warlock all around has always been like that, we've always been able to take damage and self heal. It's why people have been calling for Warlock tanks for as long as I can remember., and nerfs to our healing powers.
But that is mitigated in long ramp up time and long cast times and a severe lack of mobility for some specs.
Lol what’s survival
<--More lives than a cat.
10/26/2017 06:16 PMPosted by Averax
Vengeance demon hunters.

One of them solo'd gul'dan recently

I'm going to go with Rogues>Mages>Hunters


Also not a DPS spec.
Watch a raid kill on YouTube and when a massive AoE hits the entire raid, take a look and see if the affliction locks drop at all lol
In regards to soloing old raid content I've found affliction warlocks and ret paladins the most reliable against mythic WoD raid bosses

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