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Moon Guard
We will be closing out the "Reborn From Stardust" campaign tonight and tomorrow night in a two-part finale! Taking back Athalien once and for all!
I literally cannot wait for Battle for Azeroth,
*cough...cough* "Teldrassil burns down to the ground"
We're progressing through our Shan'dora trials and beginning to get involved with the upcoming events of the Celestial Accord!

If you're looking to join Moon Guard's premier Kaldorei cult, look no further!
This is a great guild! Due to the timezone difference (soon to be reduced!), I haven't been able to participate in-game a lot, but there is plenty of Discord RP, which add another layer of immersion and allows people to catch up.
A handful of our Ishna'surfal ranked up to Shan'surfal tonight! Things are really starting to heat up here at Shanari Co.
I love how awesome this guild is and how driven it is to the NE RP scene!
After a brief and extended hiatus, the Shanari are back and actively recruiting! With BfA on the horizon, we have lots of events and opportunities coming!
And so we're back! We will be working towards rebuilding and recruiting after our hiatus. So, if anyone is considering joining, now's a good time :P

We will also be planning and setting up new events, while also participating in a fair few. There will be much to do in the foreseeable future!
The Shanari is gearing back up to take part in the Night Warrior's Task campaign with the Celestial Coalition!

Additionally, we are starting back up with our own campaign in the coming week that will lead into Battle for Azeroth!
This is a summary of last night's event: A Mother's Embrace! It is also a great time to join us, as we rebuild towards Battle for Azeroth. Join us in the resistance against the marauding Horde.


At Shan’Surfal Nelaeth Leafsong’s behest, the Shanari ventured to the border between Ashenvale and Darkshore to retrieve her fallen mother’s Sentinel armor, now in the possession of a notorious orc assassin.

Once they arrived, the night elves found that the Horde had begun a harvesting operation, clearing up the forest and burning the Ancients that resided there. Moreover, their numbers were considerable, to the point where the Kaldorei could not face the enemy in open battle. Likewise, to pass through their lines undetected and find the assassin, Nelaeth would require an effective distraction.

With the young Leafsong prowling through the woods, a target in her mind, the Shanari, led by Quel’kalar Sereneia Wintermoon, set out to devise some manner of ruckus in the Horde encampment. It was then that Tarellia Bluemist and Isaedris Kir-Valras noticed a gap in the outpost, near a lake with several restless water elementals. Not only that, but it seemed as if they were using the area to deposit their supplies, including several explosives.

A plan quickly formed and set in motion. Isaedris and her kindred Highborne Telandras Stormseeker used their combined magic to first ignite the devices and then extinguish the flames with elegant winter winds. Although the fire did not consume the forests further, the impact of the explosion was big enough to cause the land to heave, with the lake nearby flooding the entirety of the area.

Most of the Horde forces was wiped out, surprised by the waves that invaded the camp. Luckily, the Shanari stood protected in high ground. Because of this, whereas the Ancients were previously fighting a desperate, yet futile battle, they now fought back and the remainder of the orc forces now stood in lower numbers. Alas, a final push was needed.

Noticing this, the Shanari reinforced the Ancients, in their battle against Gabor Thundereye, shaman and leader of the operations, and his minions. Although battered by the tides, they provided significant resistance, and the shaman was even capable of summoning a thunderstorm, that hit the trees with profound effect. In the end, however, the Kaldorei and their allies prevailed!

There was no time to celebrate, however. Moments later, Nelaeth emerged from a hut, defiant, but with several bruises. In her wake, a female orc, dressed in a Sentinel regalia. It was Rakar Shadowtusk, responsible for the Shan’Surfal’s mother’s demise. The Shanari quickly joined her member in putting down the assassin, accomplishing the mission they set out to do.

While they had been victorious, there were circumstances for lament and concern. The Ancients in the area were destroyed, although their acorns remained, to be seeded wherever the Starsworn deem fit. In addition, Gabor Thundereye was able to escape with the aid of his elemental magic, but not before dropping a letter from a superior, foreboding further incursions against the Kaldorei.
Friendly Falah'kalar checking in to let all you lurkers out there know that recruitment is very much so open! We would love to have anyone and everyone to check us out online at the link Sereneia posted up above, or you can message any of us in-game(by /who Shanari), or you can message me on Discord at Mousifer#6941.
Here's what the Shanari have been up to lately!
Here in Athalien, we are harbouring some survivors from The Burning of Teldrassil.
We are continuing Shan'Surfal Leafsong's campaign(see above for details).
We have events several nights a week, ranging from casual to combat, and have many more exciting things planned for the coming months!
Hope the pre-patch treats you all well!
Just finished up the first event in our new campaign, The Fate of the Stars, this weekend!

We're pumped to see this campaign push into BfA! If any guilds either Alliance or Horde are looking to craft something up, feel free to let us know!
The Shanari will be continuing on The Fate of the Stars campaign by atoning for the death of a fallen Dark Ranger this Friday.

Additionally, the Shanari will be keeping up with the Celestial Coalition's Blood and Honor campaign!

Our campaign, The Fate of the Stars, will reach its conclusion this weekend, as the Shanari face off against the leader of a group of Dark Rangers.

We will continue working together with the rest of the Celestial Coalition through various events, relating to the ongoing Blood and Honor campaign, and some simpler, smaller scale gatherings.

A more recent and important announcement is the creation of a new rank, Fana'surfal, or Allied Ones.
It will be reserved for specialized cases of individuals that are not directly in the Shanari but aid in our endeavors. While it is still only available for Night Elves, this will allow for both Demon Hunters and Death Knights to join on a case by case basis. Fana'surfal will be able to partake in some guild activities, but will not be able to participate in trials and specified training, as they are only allies of the Shanari.

We hope to see some new faces, including those of the fel and undead variety!
Tomorrow is our first anniversary! One year of the Shanari fighting for the Kaldorei.

After the defeat of the Unscathed, a band of Dark Rangers, and the conclusion of our campaign, our next arc will involve series of smaller stories for each member, crafted accordingly to provide character development for both the protagonist and those who assist them!
Happy one year anniversary to us!

Honestly, being a part of this guild has been something that I will truly cherish. I have formed connections with some wonderful people and have been lucky enough to be involved with the captivating storytelling that they have perpetuated.

May we have another amazing year and more after that!

Zin'al Elune
It really doesn't feel like a year has already passed! I guess time really just does fly.

Thanks to the Shanari, I have spent countless nights staying up until 7 in the morning just to avoid missing any RP (timezones are awful like that). But damn, if it isn't worth it.
Thanks to this guild, I've become a lot more invested in roleplaying as a whole, and I'd say that I've gotten to know a lot of people that I would consider friends.

Over the last year, we've had two full campaigns and gotten a batch of recruits through all their trials to be named Shan'surfal, with another well on the way. We have participated in countless RP events, both those hosted by our own, and by other guilds, groups or individuals.

All in all, a fun and great year, I'd say! So, here's to another!

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