New/Returning players welcome

Muradin and Nordrassil
Hey folks,

I initially started this guild just as a bank and a home for my alts, but I think a better use for it could be a home for new/returning players and anyone else that just wants a decent group of people to enjoy the game with. I just was thinking the other day about how awesome it was to adventure through Azeroth when I first started playing 10 years ago or so. Thinking about the guild I was lucky enough to find myself a part of, all really friendly helpful people that didn't care that newb me asked a million questions a day. As any vet can tell you, the community isn't as new player friendly as it once was. And thinking about all the new players that start every day that might not have that awesome of an experience because of the overbearing rush rush rush mentality that seems baked into the game at this point. That really bothered me, so if I can I'd like to do something to maybe avoid that being the case.

So.. You, me..<An The Devil Makes Three>. Brand new players, returning players, vets that just want to enjoy the game with others, you're all welcome if you'd like. Sure, one day we may raid and PvP and whatever else as a guild. But that's not going to be a priority, the only priorities I care for is members helping members and enjoying their time in game. If you grow up to a max lvl toon and want to raid, go forth and conquer! PvP? Give em heck! If you have a question about either, I'm all ears and handy links to info.

Feel free to message me in game, or you can find the guild through the recruitment tool as well. Hope to hear from ya!

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