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Found a guild and will be moving over there soon. Thanks all!
Hey, <Disturbed> US-Zul'jin is looking to fill out our DPS roster and we would love to have you trial with us. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Current Progression
TOS: 9/9H | 6/9M (Maiden at 43%)
Nighthold: 9/10M
Trial of Valor: 2/3M
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M

Raid Times
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday | 8-11pm server (EST)

How To Apply

Contact Information:
Madness#12309 - Madness
Mojo#12988 - Mojosauce
< Pseudonym > 9/9H 6/9M, Is looking for exceptional raiders for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Progression! We raid on Tuesday & Thursday from 10:00-1:00 AM EST. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild filled with skilled and experience players looking to raid a light schedule but still get progression kills. Our goal is to be the best 2 day a week raiding guild on Arthas. We are looking to expand our 20 man roster to inspire competition and growth between our raiders. All roles are currently open and being recruited, so all experienced players should apply.

Specific Recruitment Needs:

High Demand:
Marksmanship Hunter
Restoration Shaman
Balance Druid
Restoration Druid
Demon Hunter

Medium Demand
Death Knight
Windwalker Monk
Elemental Shaman
Enhance Shaman
Shadow Priest
Feral Druid

Low Demand

What We Expect

For you to come in with an attitude to kill bosses in a timely fashion. Only raiding for 6 hours a week leaves little time for distractions during raid, but leaves tons of time for goofing around during the week. We expect that you are able to handle yourself as an adult, and not to fold under pressure or cave when receiving constructive criticism. We expect for you to understand your class and role for given fights and strive to improve whenever possible.

Outside of that, we hope that you enjoy your time with us, and look forward to logging on.

Any additional questions can be directed to the Battle Tag Swxkill#1372.
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

4/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you as we have an immediate spot open. =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

(Alliance) (7/9M - 9/9H - 10/10M)
Looking to trial a HOLY PALADIN/RESTO SHAMAN to join our core healer group.
Looking for any EXCEPTIONAL DPS ROLES - Notably DK, ARMS Warrior, DH, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, MM Hunter, Fire/Frost Mage.
We are looking for raiders to have similar experience in current content or at least 10/10M with previous mythic progression raiding experience. Please have logs for us to look through if you are interested in a trial/interview.
A little about us:

Hello raiders,

<Bodies> (Whisperwind connected Dentarg) Is an adult guild with a long history of high ranking kills dating back to vanilla. While only raiding 3 hours a night, 9 hours a week we have always cleared the current content while putting up top 100 rankings. We are looking to clear the mythic content with a casual 3 night 3 hour schedule, yet effectively with our semi-hardcore raid environment. Bodies guild has been around since Vanilla and is here to stay. 

If you are looking for a casual raid environment with competent raiders that can push the content quickly and still keep up with other semi-hardcore guilds with a lax schedule of 3 nights per week (9 hours) we are for you. 

If you are heavy into raiding and you have friends that are not, they are welcome to join and hang out as well. 

We are not elitist here, but we do have high expectations for those who do choose to participate in raiding. As in consistently and constantly doing the best you can to improve yourself and your rotation for your specific class, having your consumables for progression fights, artifact weapon maxed or near max, gear being fully optimized (enchanted, gemmed, and with the correct stat prioritization)(The guild will help with this just ask). Do your research, participate in our guild forum discussions know the boss fights, we are not here to hold your hand through progression.

Our raid times are as follows: In central standard time

Tuesday: 730pm-1030
Wednesday: 730pm-1030
Thursday: 730pm-1030

We also do "Alt" raids over the weekend on a regular basis for any who would like to participate for some easy gearing and just have fun enjoying the game.

For more information or to join and trial contact any of the following or visit our guild website and apply using the new applications template on the forum:

Real ID-:
Lynxz#11319 (GM)
Hey Apollyaon,

I'll keep this short.

<Guiles Theme Song> is a Horde Mal'Ganis semi-hardcore guild formed during Cataclysm by former top US 50 players.
We are currently recruiting for core spots to fill our roster and finish out Cutting Edge ToS heading into Antorus.

US 89 M Xavius
US 106 M Helya

We are currently 6/9M ToS and raid 2 nights a week:
Tuesday: 7:45PM EST - 11:00PM EST
Thursday: 7:45PM EST - 11:00PM EST

I added you on as Rec#11240 and look forward to hearing back from you!
Hi there Apollyaon. Based on the information in your post, I think Re Lapse would be a great fit for you! We could currently use some more melee dps.

Here's the basic information:

Re Lapse is on US - Korgath Alliance side
We raid on F & S from 8 pm CST to midnight CST. We never add any raid days or times outside of this.
We are currently 6/9M in ToS, with Maiden dying at some point this weekend.

Please add me at rutenio#1912 if you're interested!
<Months Behind> (7/9 M-TOS) is a horde mythic raiding guild on US-Eredar (PVP, EST). We'd be interested in a skilled death knight!

We raid Tuesday-Sunday-Monday, 8pm-12am EST (and the first Wednesday only at the beginning of a tier). On offer is a rage-free raid environment, and a fun community that's got 11 years behind it. We're active outside of raiding with M+, RBGs, playing other games, or just idling on Discord - it's a pretty chill place to call home :)

Contact info:
Battletag: rickotron#1171
Discord: rickotron#5389
Bump, will be talking to people when I get home from work later tonight.
Morning bump
Afternoon bump
<Name Pending> (US-Alliance-Sargeras) is a 4/9M 9/9H semi-hardcore, two-night guild. Our main goal is to kill as many bosses as we can while maintaining a tight-knit team environment. While certain classes may not be listed below, we are always recruiting exceptional raiders of any class to help push progression. We prefer quality over quantity. We not only evaluate skill and motivation, but also the potential to develop rapport with the rest of the guild. We want people who want to be there as much as we do. That said, we will also consider players who want to act as substitutes and raid part-time.

Schedule (all times in CT):
Tuesday 7pm-10pm (invites at 6:45pm)*
Wednesday 7pm-10pm (optional heroic clear)
Thursday 7pm-10pm (invites at 6:45pm)*
*We may add an extra pull or two on official raid nights if we are close to downing a boss and a majority of raiders agree.

Recruiting (level of interest in parentheses):

Healers (high need for one healer; preferable types listed below, but will be open minded):
Mistweaver Monk (high)
Restoration Shaman (medium)
Restoration Druid (medium)

Shadow Priest (high)
Mage (high)
Balance Druid (high)
Warlock (high)
Enhancement/Elemental Shaman (high)
Death Knight (high)
Windwalker Monk (medium)
Havoc Demon Hunter (medium)

-Strong attendance. We understand that emergencies happen, but we expect people to be online if they have not cleared an absence with an officer.
-We understand that gear does not necessarily make the player, but having gear on par or having as close to current content gear is required.
-Knowledge of your class inside and out.
-Maintain a great attitude! No one wants to raid with someone who is pessimistic about everything.
-Study encounters! Raids require personal accountability more than ever, so knowing the fight beforehand is essential.
-You must have Discord! We like members who communicate with one another, so having a mic is a big plus.

If you have any questions, please reach out to an officer.

Naturedream (bnet-Dreamhatchet#1407, Discord-Naturedream#7153)
Nova (bnet-Nova#1512, Discord-Nova#9615)
Angelmichael (bnet-Angelmichael#1552)
Talked to some people so far, still looking around at options.
Bump again, where are all the Horde guilds at?!
US-Sargeras - Alliance

Serious Guild Name (SGN) 6/9M 10/10M NH 3/3M TOV 7/7M EN
Cutting Edge Guild
We raid Tues-Thurs 9PM CST to midnight

We are looking good players at all roles

Urgent needs:

Cannibal Corpse, Disincarnate, Excommunion and Immolation playlist at the gym makes everything good!
<Despair> is recruiting your class for Tomb of Sargeras.
We are ready to welcome you with open arms into our family. We are not recruiting for bench positions; these are core spots we are looking for as we round out our final roster.
More info:
Progression: 3/9M TOS 9/9H
Server: Frostwolf
Raid Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST Optional Heroic TOS Sunday 8:00-11:00PM EST
Contacts: Liquors, Star, Bereave, Epitaph, Feeders
My BattleID is Xkp#11851 Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.
Other Contacts:
<Friends> -Horde Tichondrius
is recruiting exceptional DPS for Mythic ToS!

Wow progress=

Who we are:
The name essentially says it all. The coolest group of people you'll ever meet. As far as progression goes we went into Mythic NH pretty late, but we still got 5/10 (with Spellblade & Krosus down). In Tomb of Sargeras we've had a handful of setbacks (like one of our tanks got himself a 6mo ban) but we're resilient as hell and we've still managed to get 9/9 Heroic & 3/9 Mythic!
Also - We just (as of 9/10) transferred to Tichondrius from Vashj! After some frustrating encounters with the attendance boss, we thought we'd seek greener pastures in hopes of building a super strong roster! <3

What we do:
We're often hosting events outside of raiding (I.E. RBGs, achievement runs, Mythic+ spamming) on a pretty regular basis so there is plenty to do. A ton of us also play other games such as Overwatch together. We even streamed some raids for St.Judes and raised $500! Our discord is extremely active and you can expect to see people posting in it almost all day, be it photos of our days, news articles, or dumb clickbait we found on the interwebs.
Raid Times:
Wednesday: 6pm - 9pm PST
Friday: 6pm - 9pm PST
Sunday: 12pm - 3pm PST (Completely Optional)

What we need:
Raiders with an amazing attitude. We can work around most compositions, so all should feel free to hit me up and apply!
Recruitment Needs:
Tanks: Closed
Healer: Holy Priest, Paladin
Melee: Rogue, Warrior, Demon Hunter, Druid, Paladin
Ranged: Balance Druid, Mage, Elemental Shaman, Priest, Warlock

Nate (the GM) - Nate#1624
Turtle (an officer) - Dragonturtle#1453
Sandwhale (just extremely helpful) - DirePants#11708
<Seraphim> is a 6/9M 10/10M semi-hardcore guild looking for exceptional players for ToS. -What we’re looking for is committed, serious raiders who are interested in progressing through mythic content.

Currently Recruiting:

Mage-Any Spec
Priest - Shadow

Or any Exceptional DPS/Healer,that is not listed above!

•We raid three nights a week, so it’s very necessary that we make effective use of our raid time,

•Attendance is very important to us! We realize that real life takes priority, but with our shorter raid schedule you should go for 100% attendance.
• We provide Flasks and Food for raid, and also cover repair.
•Come to raid prepared! Study the fights prior to our first pull is a must!
•Communication! Be able to follow basic directions and respond if needed! Have a good perspective on raiding, and please be able to stay focused for the whole raid.

Our normal raid schedule is as follows:
Tuesday:7:00-10:00pm Server time(EST)(Heroic) - Optional
Wednesday: 7:00pm-10:00pm Server time(EST)(Mythic)
Thursday: 7:00pm-10:00pm Server time(EST)(Mythic)

Add Zach#1269 or Mikirules#1484 for more info
Hello! <FoTM> is looking for skilled raiders for Tomb of Sargeras progression! Here is some info below:

[<FoTM> - Illidan US]
We are currently 7/9M ToS, 9/9H ToS (AotC), and 10/10 Mythic Nighthold (Cutting Edge)

FoTM is a community of members that provide a mature atmosphere and a vast knowledge of all aspects of the game in regards to pvp, pve, and their classes.

We Raid 3 days a week, run M+ constantly throughout the week, alt runs on weekends, and all other content pertaining to game play. We like to foster the feeling of a family in our guild, and strive to help each other out as much as possible. There is ALWAYS something going on, we are extremely active.

We are currently recruiting all classes and specs for M+ dungeons.

Current raid recruiting needs:

High Desire:
Blood DK or Prot Warrior or Guardian Druid
Resto Shammy or Disc Priest or Holy Pally (WITH DPS OFFSPEC)
Warrior DPS

We will consider any exceptional raiders.

Raid Schedule :
Tuesday-Thursday 8pm-11pm server [9-12 EST] (Subject to change depending on progression needs)

If you think you would be a great addition to our guild, message one of our officers, you can find the battletags below!

If you have any questions regarding recruitment or guild information, please contact any of our officers in game or by private message.

Officer Battletags:
Zgar: Zgar#1422
Rolanor: Rolanor#1859
Kream: Tkach#1448
Aliturae: Dremion#1446

Thank you for your time!

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