Is Blizzard running out of Class Colors?

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What haven't they used yet?
A nice VIBRANT green.
A lighter shade of red.
The above posters have it right.
Light red, Black/gray, and dark green are all the most notable.
Gold, silver, bronze, maroon, darker brown, teal, neon pink... shouldn’t be hard to think of more.
There are 50 shades of grey alone so blizzard will never run out of colors.
out of the warcraft 3 colours, the only one remaining is grey.
tinker will be grey

bard will be earthy-gren

There are over 16 million colors. Blizz is nowhere near ever running out of options for class colors.
Gray and red are already used in the raid frames, and a lot of contexts where class colors come up have a black background, so those are out.

Off the top of my head, they could use light orange, light teal, dark green, dark yellow, and dark pink all without straying outside the bounds of the colors they already picked.
brown, black, grey, gold, teal, blue-purple, red-purple, light orange, forest green, orange-red, yellow-green, dark pink
Next class will be silver.
If you think about it in terms of a pair for every color what we have is:

Blue: Light, Mage; Dark, Shaman
Green: Light, Monk; Dark, Hunter
Purple: Light, Warlock; Dark, Demon Hunter
Orange: Dark, Druid
Brown: Dark, Warrior
Yellow: Light, Rogue
White: Light, Priest
Red: Dark, Death Knight
Pink: Light or Dark?, Paladin

So, I think we can see any color from Orange or lower (e.g. Light Orange, Light Brown, Dark yellow, Grey or Black, etc.). Though I wonder if Dark Red and Pink are the "red" combo.

What about rainbow? I remember that's the text all the cool kids used in Yahoo chat.

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