The Alienation of the Casual WoW Player

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I'm a casual, and you do not speak for me.
Blizzard already alienated dedicated players, guess it's time to work on casuals next.
10/28/2017 05:05 PMPosted by Gormosh
Casuals just want the same rewards as non-casuals but for less work. Lazies.

Sweeping assumptions about vast groups of people is not particularly constructive or helpful.

While what you said is perhaps may be true of some people, I can say that for myself, who is the epitome of a "filthy casual," and for several of my casual friends, we find the current state of the game far too easy.

Epics raining from the sky is not fun at all. There is no satisfaction in gear that wasn't really earned. I'd personally rather bum around in hard won dungeon blues than have all these purples handed to me on a silver platter just for showing up.
That ironic moment some guy "stands up" for some people and then those people tell him that he doesn't speak for them, to shut up and go home. Ha!
10/28/2017 04:45 PMPosted by Ogres

- Decrease LFR difficulty back to a manageable level for a casual to complete
- Remove Mythic raiding and the culture of toxicity it has created
- Improve group finder functionality and remove the ability to require ilevel
creating unfair discrimination
- Improve world quest rewards and ensure that all world quests are actually
soloable by a casual player - no more pvp or boss world quests

The LFR difficulty is already manageable to begin with, heck it may be a little to low on various bosses. Take the maiden fight where most of the mechanics don't matter at all due to how softened they are.

If mythic raiding is removed then aside from losing a small portion of the player base (I'm making an assumption on that, the playerbase that runs purely mythic only maybe bigger than I think), Heroic will become the next mythic.

Not sure what could be added to group finder to make it better. On the subject of a minimum ilevel with group finder even if they didn't have that, people would still likely put some ilevel they require in the description for the group and kick you if you are significantly under it either way.

All the world quest are for the most part soloable aside from the ones that are meant to be done as a group (and even then once you get a high enough ilevel you could likely just solo those as well except for likely some on argus). Even the pvp world quests outside of the free for all ones are solo friendly as well (and the world boss ones aren't meant to be soloed for the most part but if a tank is good enough then they could probably take them on by themselves).

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