Did you like or hate suramar and why

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I loved it. I've felt like for a long time, Blizzard hamfistedly delivers story because they don't have enough time to let characters build. Suramar was a step in the right direction in my opinion. Though I wouldn't gate it or lock flying behind it.
The first part was nice, and I liked it. The second part, the siege, was a bit painful and slow
Suramar/the Nightborne is the best part of Legion and one of the best parts of World of Warcraft, flat-out. As Blizzard storytelling goes, it's engaging, nuanced, and full of worthwhile NPCs.

That said, it's also long as hell and I only finished it on my main, then large chunks on my Alliance and healing alts.
I like it a lot... the first time.
Doing on alts... not so much.
As much as I love stealth games like Dishonored, Deus Ex, I really enjoyed Surumar having to be in disguise and "stealth" your way through the city and quests though I can see how it would annoy some with that type of game play. The city, the details, and quests are some of the best in WoW in my opinion.
At first I hated it because it was just different and i was pushing through. When I slowed down and read all of the quest text and enjoyed the story I became immersed in the experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
The question becomes: What happens in Battle for Azeroth? Do all the hostile mobs go away and it becomes a faction city?
Suramar is the best. I liked all of the intrigue and hiding / sneaking around. I liked how at first you are weak and need to hide but as you gain iLevel you are strong enough to fight.

The story and characters are all well done and the city is beautiful.

I also like riding in the boats.
I hated Suramar and I still do.

I have no interest in Elf lore and it was a huge effing wall towards getting Pathfinder.
It was good the first time through back when it was current content. Doing it on an alt is pointless now though that it's outdated and can't be used to level up in.
To everyone saying they don't see the point of repeating on alts, you might be surprised. Once your alt is in Argus gear, you can run through the core Suramar quest line in one day, and there is a LOT of AP in those quests. Once we're all 75+ that won't matter either, but if you're still powering up an alt, it's faster AP than doing regular WQs. Also it's no longer time gated, so you can start each chapter as soon as you finish the previous.

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