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I'm taking a poll. How do you pronounce my name "Bode"?

Does it rhyme with "toad" or "roadie"?

Thanks for the feedback.
It's like Sade, Sah-day. Boh-dee
Bode should be pronounced as "boad" under standard English. Similar to abode, or ode.

In order to get something that sounds like boady there should be an "i", "w", or a "y" somewhere to modify the sound of the "e" on the end.

Like Bodie, or Bodee, or Bowdee, or some other additional letter to change the ending e's sound.
Since bode is an actual word, I pronounce it as bode.

As in, this does not bode well.
It rhymes with load.

Qualifier: I read sci/fi and fantasy novels. Whenever I hear someone say a character name, it's never the way I pronounce it in my head.
I pronounce it as Bowd.
Bode, I guess like road
Bode. Like Ben Brode without the Ben or the R.
If it's a name it's pronounced Bo-Day or Bo-Dee
My cousin pronounces her son's name as Bo-Dee
09/17/2017 09:04 PMPosted by Bode

That was the way I heard it in my head when I first read your name.

But I could see it going either way.
Same as abode and bode.

i.e. 'toad' but with a b
Bode rhymes with Toad
Bode is a word. It has a set pronunciation and is bōd
Boad if the word, but Bo-dee if a name. I realize it's possible that you named your character after the word and not uh, the name ;) But I'd default to Bo-dee unless told otherwise.
Bode rode the toad. I guess I'm in the 'toad' camp.

Long E, definitely.
09/17/2017 09:12 PMPosted by Vashala
Since bode is an actual word, I pronounce it as bode.

As in, this does not bode well.

I agree with this 100%. However...

09/17/2017 09:10 PMPosted by Jerauld
It's like Sade, Sah-day. Boh-dee

Now, if you meant the singer , Sade, thats like , Shah-day. So you could be:

Bo-day. I like that better.

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