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As the title suggests I'm looking for a 3-4 day raiding guild (ally preferred, willing to transfer servers as well)

Though my prot paladin is currently my main I am comfortable on both warrior and DK. I am also working on druid and monk on the side.

Here are my paladins logs

And my main tanks armories

A little about my raiding history.. Started raiding seriously in MoP where i raided all heroic/mythic content getting a few cutting edge kills in WoD up until Legion where I took a more casual route only doing Nighthold on mythic while it was current. I've taken a few breaks this expansion due to IRL going ons and just simply burning out. I started up again a few months ago deciding to play tanks and have found something i actually have come to enjoy.

As far as availability goes I have a very flexible schedule and am pretty active during both weekdays and weekends, I enjoy running high m+ and sometimes pvp. As far as a particular kind of guild I'm looking for I'm looking for a semi-hardcore raiding group that just simply Isn't toxic. My past guilds that I have been in have had a lot of issues with raid members not getting along or really "cliquey" guilds that exclude other members. I find myself having the most fun in game when I am in a guild can both have fun during raid and out be it chilling in discord or whatever.

If you have any questions you can add my btag: Steele#1198 I'd be down to sit down and talk. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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