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Currently 930 on my demon hunter, been raiding as a monk recently, looking to go back to dh tanking for Antorus, any questions, pst me @Catnaros#1278
Have extensive tanking experience spanning every xpac since WoTLK
Also have a 937 druid tank and a 932 monk tank that I can consider playing. Also have a DK that I wouldn't mind gearing up either.
Really wanting to go back to tanking for Antorus, hit me up
Mained a demon hunter tank in Nighthold as well as through heroic Tomb before I switched to healer, looking to go back to tanking.
Still looking.
Sent you a btag friend request :D
11/05/2017 09:09 PMPosted by Croogar
Sent you a btag friend request :D
Would you mind sending me another?

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