Druid or dk? Thoughts

Hi guys quick question trying to decide between Druid and dk and having a hard time. My biggest problem I did have with Druid was how bland the forms were but now with legion seems they have style and color.

Right now I main a havoc dh so if I went Druid would
Probably work on guardian/feral/balance specs and dk probably blood and frost.

Figure get some thoughts guild I’m in we clear heroic each tier so that’s the raid lvl I’m at guild doesn’t do mythic although next tier I might put some.

Thanks for thoughts and advice between the 2.
Depends on if you need a ranged or heal spec. Go druid if that's something you'd like to have available.

If you need primarily melee DPS, go DK.

Tanks are about even.

If/When Antorus is on the PTR, maybe research a little to try to see if any specs are favored for those encounters.

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