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I want to purchase a sex-change and a name change for one of my characters, but I noticed that an appearance change costs $15 and a name change costs $10, while a race change costs $25.

I just wanted to ask if i purchased either an appearance change or a race change, will either include a name change with it, or will i have to purchase the $10 name change after either of those options?

I was hoping to make this purchase soon, and the answer to this will be very much appreciated, Thanks!
Also, preferably, i wouldn't want to change race. I would just like to remain human but become male with a new name, but i would just like to know if either of these services include a name change with them so i can decide what i would like to do more.
Appearance change will allow you to get the sex change and a bonus name change. :) More accurately, it just takes you back to the character customization screen, the same screen you get when creating a character, and you can put in a new name at the same time if you so choose.
Appearance change allows you to change your characters name as well. While you are altering your appearance, you will see the name box at the bottom just like if you were making a new character. Simply delete the name that's in it (the current name of your character), then add the new name.
As the others mention, Melinaval, the Appearance Change service includes an optional name change. That should be highlighted both on the website through account management as well as if you hover over the option in the in-game shop.


All character services with the exception of a character transfer includes an optional name change. Character Transfers will allow a name change only if there is a naming conflict on the destination realm.
PLEASE HELP i wanted to get a character boost so i can start raiding so when i saw that warlords of draenor came with one i bought it now that i got the box i can't find out how too get my boost i have 4 disks and when i put in the game code it just says this copy is on your world of Warcraft enter a unused code to get your level 900 character boost and i don't know what to type in i only got one code. PLEASE PLEASE HELP
I'm sorry, Bateb, but the Warlords of Draenor expansion should no longer be available for purchase. It is now included with the base game, meaning that anyone who has the standard version of the game has all expansions except for the last one (Legion).

The Warlords expansion, now that it is bundled into the base game, does not come with a boost. It was only included with purchase prior to that. If you recently purchased that from a retail store you will want to return it. Let them know that the product should no longer be for sale.

A level boost does come with the upgrade to the Legion expansion or you can purchase one separately through the in-game Shop.
Yeah, I'd return that to whoever sold it to you. They shouldn't even be for sale any more :( If you haven't yet purchased Legion, it still comes with a free boost that is made available when you upgrade to Legion. That can only be done if you've first upgraded your account from a starter account to a full account.

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