Enh Shaman new to raiding LF raiding guild

Dawnbringer and Madoran
Hey all, Im an enhancement shaman looking for a raiding guild at any difficulty, while I have never raided anything above LFR I am eager to learn and prepare for higher difficulties of raiding. I can raid on Tuedays, Wednesdays and weekends. And while I am most comfortable with Enhancement, I am willing to learn ele or resto if necessary.
if you're willing to faction change, <Vanquishers>'ll take you. we're raiding heroic ToS atm, and could use another melee that can off-heal.
Hello Jelyjiggla. Empirical is a raiding guild looking for more to reliably go through high end content. We raid M/T/Th and oftentimes have alt runs on weekends. Message me in game if you would like to talk more.

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