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I've been trying to get the last couple of pieces for all the Heirloom pieces in the game and can't get the leg pieces since I don't have an active guild that has the Working Together achievement unlocked. Is there a big/small guild I can join and gain rep to get the last pieces in? Thanks if anyone considers this, I've been trying to get the achievement myself in my old guild but it takes forever.

My Server is Exodar US.
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

I eventually found a guild, but I got to get those professions leveled up! I got some work to do.

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