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ive been playing since wow classic , on and off , i have a full time job and this game isnt it . i play to relax and not to create more drama and stress . ive never raided , but would like to learn . ive done some dungeons but usually only after im high enough to solo them . ive never been in a guild . i have several characters ranging from level 50 to 100 ive deleted and started toons over a few times. i usually only play on weekend nights . im looking for a guild that doesnt mind helping me learn , and i can help others in questing . im also looking for a guild that has adults , im 47 and really dont wish to be in a guild with a lot of kid drama. i might be asking alot but i figure there has to be a guild out there for me . any advice on the subject is welcome
Hi Garaal,

Two friends I know outside of WoW and I, just started a guild being in kind of the same situation you are in now: Career takes priority, all three of us are 30+ years old and we wanted to have an adult atmosphere (don't get me wrong, we do say silly things) where we can learn to clear content without drama.

I am always doing something in game like joining BG's, dungeons, world quests, raids through the looking for group tool, you name it. I will definitely enjoy more company.

Even if you would not join the guild, please do add me to you friend list and we'll do some runs for fun.

Good luck!
Hi Garaal,

It sounds like you may be a good fit with us in Infusion. We are a longstanding guild of mature players. We play all aspects of the game but specialize in Heroic Raiding. We are currently 6/9 Heroic progressing through ToS. We are recruiting Heroic raiders and people wanting to learn to raid to make a push into Mythic ToS in the next few weeks.

As I said though, we do it all together. We have a casual raid team that runs older content weekly, a PvP Team that does guild BGs and Arena and a lot of casual levelers and such.

If you are interested go ahead and contact anyone in Infusion. Ask for an invite. The officers will keep an eye out and get with you about your plans asap. Have fun! - Lereus

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