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Returning Retribution Paladin, coming back after a 2.5 year break. Overall, I'm just looking to have fun in a low-pressure raiding environment, and make a few new friends along the way!
Starting with the nitty-gritty...

1. Times available & time zone: 6pm EST Friday through 10am EST Sunday. ONE other night possible but not desirable (see #8).

2. Server preference: PvE or RP. PvP servers will NOT be considered. More than willing to change servers.

3. Faction preference: Alliance (Remember Theramore!!)

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual. Would be willing to go semi-hardcore when real life permits.

5. Current progression/experience: Mostly MoP LFR. Full clears of some normal MoP raids (via OpenRaid). Some MoP tanking experience as Prot Paladin in both normal and LFR. Currently, I'm mostly grinding dungeons and class hall questline for rotation practice and gear to start raiding (current iLvL: 809, so almost ready for LFR). Have all Paladin artifacts, but have only levelled DPS weapon (Concordance at level 2, soon to be three).

6. Recent logs (if available): None available (working on it, though).

7. Contact info: BattleTag is preferred (Adorician#1159), but I will give fair consideration to opportunities in thread replies.

8. Anything else: I'm a returning player, started playing near the end of Cata. Started raiding in MoP as a tank, but switched to DPS during ToT because my old laptop couldn't run Durumu (the guy with the purple fire) at more than low single digit FPS. That computer has since been, um, "retired."

About a month into WoD, real life made it hard to find time to play, so I cancelled my subscription. I've been back a month and found that my server was dead and the guild had moved or quit. So just like that, I'm looking to join a fun group of active players for casual progression raiding and general goofing off. I have no need for server or world firsts, but I would like to experience the raid tiers on at least normal while the content is still current.

I currently work night shift (Sunday night through Thursday night) with mandatory overtime, so while it is possible to raid one of those nights, I'd be restricted to a 6pm-10pm EST timeframe (10pm cutoff is not negotiable). Otherwise, I'm available anytime Friday night through Sunday morning.

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