Feral tank healing.

The RNG gods have deemed it that my only viable choice for a feral legendary is the shield necklace. As a result, my health is nearly always capped.

I'm wanting to bring some utility to the raid by capitalizing on my versatility stack+alchemy trinket and start tank healing rather than wasting a 15% heal on a capped health pool.

However, I can't afford to sacrifice any raid awareness. I'm not going to look at the raid frames to check who I can cast it on. If a tank is out of range or out of LOS and I miss my proc then it has a significant impact on my rotation and DPS. Best thing I can think of is set up a button with a modifier that tries to cast regrowth on my focus. That way I can hit the modifier button any time I feel like being useful and I can cast it on myself if no focus exists (any fight where I'll be out of range of the tank).

Can anyone figure out a better implementation?
Can you do a cast on target of target? It should always regrowth the tank with aggro in that case.
From taking a quick skim over your logs I can see you have Luffa's also... Why are you not running with Luffa's + Cinidaria? It's far superior to prydaz + cinidaria, even on single target as luffa + BT thrash is still good and a solid DPS increase.

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