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Like title says looking for new home for Antorus, we have 6/9 Mythic cleared in Tomb with 7/9 experience. My previous main for this tier was a mage but i'm looking to reroll into a dk because I enjoy it more (can play frost and unholy). We are not looking to swap from alliance (under no circumstance will this change) and we are not looking to raid past 11 Eastern (this will also not change). If you need to contact me feel free to post here, or add me on btag Gsullie#1809. (not looking to raid past 3 days a week)

Logs for reference
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/alexstrasza/qtss - Holy pally

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/alexstrasza/sull - (showing my mages parses to show the level I play at)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/zuljin/sulls - Dk Parses (just started gearing it)

Reclamation was founded in the ashes of Sundered-Khadgar. We are a group of former officers who felt the spirit our previous guild was built upon had died. We moved realms to start anew, and Reclamation was born.

We are building Reclamation from the ground up using these core values as the foundation:

As a member of either the PvP team, or PvE team, we expect everyone to show up 10 min early to any scheduled event. In the end, WoW is just a game and real life always takes precedence, but being punctual and considerate of the other members’ time is something we hold in high value. With that said, if for any reason you cannot make a scheduled raid/RBG, we would appreciate 24 hours notice if possible.

We value players that are committed to operating as part of a team. One must be able to take constructive criticism and understand that having members who embrace this ideal is the key to the overall success to both the PvP and PvE teams.

We value players with the ability to outperform their gear and are quick to pick up mechanics without a steep learning curve. We do not expect everyone to be in the top 1%, but a constant drive to always improve is mandatory.

We want everyone to show up because they genuinely want to be there, not because they feel obligated to do so. Keep in mind that if you are on one of the RBG teams or on the Mythic Progression team, 9 to 19 other people are counting on you to be there and execute your role.

Everyone applying should have a solid understanding of their class, its abilities, and how they fit into every raid encounter. Members should research encounters and watch videos to be as prepared as possible. Staying up to date and current with your class/spec/role is CRUCIAL to being successful. PvE and PvP team leaders should never have to tell you that you are underperforming, you should have done enough research on your own to know whether or not you are where you should be.

You should expect personal success to only come when you hold yourself accountable and put in the hard work to overcome any adversity you may face. However, help will always be provided for those that ask for it, and we would much rather you ask a question before a pull, than to keep making the same mistake because you were afraid to say you are having a problem executing a certain mechanic.

PvE/PvP Schedules

As it is now, we are still building from the ground up, so times and days are still to be determined.

If interested, add me in game at (Timotay-Emerald Dream) Burst#1949.
We would be very interested in speaking with you about a core spot in our team. Message me at mynucka1788#1532

Before you read this post please keep in mind that everything in italics is actually happening in the background.

<It Gets Worse> 7/9 Mythic ToS.

Are you tired of the same old guilds? Dreading logging in for raid on Tuesday? Fed up with the same GM threatening to bench players?

Infomercial actor spills pizza sauce on himself.

Who has the time or the energy for these flaccid guilds anymore?

Introducing <It Gets Worse>

Whispers It Gets Worse

Stage Explosions -- Sand Storm -- Broncos Cheerleaders -- Back Flips -- Monster Trucks

The only guild featured on the front page of Men’s Fitness, Vogue, and Bon Appetite. We also glow in the dark.

Hugh Jackman testimonial.
Mike Tyson knocking out Kil’Jaeden.
Jennifer Lawrence shooting an arrow.

We are a group of experienced raiders with one goal in mind: providing a fun but focused raid environment to clear Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Our leadership is tainted with Cutting Edge experience. Our base is growing but we need YOU to add to the girth of our mighty roster.

Server: Area 52 HORDE

Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 7:00 - 10:00 PST

Current Needs

Healer: Resto Druid, Holy Paladin
MDPS: Warrior, Enhance Shaman
RDPS: Mage

All players of exceptional caliber are encouraged to apply. All raid spots are given on a merit basis, outperform a raider and you will earn the spot.

Loot: Council.
Pie: Apple.
Attitude: Mature with a hint of immaturity.
Posture: Erect.
Dishwasher: Safe.

If you are at all interested (and let’s be honest if you’ve read this far you definitely are) please contact.


It does get worse, but then it gets better.
Room for both of you.
Our info is below! Hope to hear from you.

Severity is a new formed guild located on Mal'ganis and is in need of a few dps, a tank or 2, and a healer or 2 for our core group to be able to dive into Antorus with Mythic in our sights. We are all about doing mythic progression and busting each others balls. We are serious when we need to be and joking around during farm. We have a group that ranges from 7/9M ToS to 9/9M.

Our raid times and any other information you may be looking for will be listed below.

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 11:00pm - 2:00am CST
Wednesday: : 11:00pm - 2:00am CST
Thursday: : 11:00pm - 2:00am CST

You must be able to learn quickly, take criticism, and admit mistakes. Everyone will be held to the same standard. Our goal is cutting edge, if you're under-performing, we will help you try to fix it, and if that doesn't work, you will be sat. We have no tolerance for drama. We expect everyone to provide their own materials. We will begin providing materials at a later date. You must be willing to take time to master your toon. Most of our DPS parse in the purple range. We want/expect the rest of the raid to perform at that level.

For any further questions or concerns, or perhaps if you just wanna have a chat, feel free to add my btag.
Swiver, Recruitment Officer
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

5/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ


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