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Draenor and Echo Isles
[Insert Guild Name] Alliance is recruiting. A few of us have been playing wow together since vanilla. We have been gm’s and rl’s on a few servers over different xpacs.

Originally during vanilla I was in a top raiding guild “mybad”. Which disbanded and I joined with some of its members a pvp guild called “slayer” on the server detheroc. Over the years friends of mine have gone on both horde and alliance. I’ve had experience with both factions and every class each xpac. (With the exception of boomkin)

I have some of the most knowledgeable and reliable players with me. We’re wanting to make our home here on draenor and make this guild active with a competitive atmosphere.

We have no problem meeting you were you are gear wise. We can run mythic + to get you up to speed and build our groups to get some raiding in before 7.3.2 releases new content.

While some of us might be considered elitist jerks from back in the day, we take raiding seriously but fun at the same time. Many of us enjoy not just raiding but pvp, lvling alts, doing random events, transmog runs, and much more.

Commitment is a big deal but we also understand life. All of us have jobs, some of us are married, some of us have kids. We just ask that you stay active and in touch while life events happen. Hope to see your application!

I'm just back playing. I was really active from expansion release until Argus release , then took a break and now I'm back and want to find a guild that is active and raids.

Ive played since vanilla too, lots of raiding , pvp, basically everything over the years. I'm 21+ and would be down to get in to a mythic or whatever with y'all.

When do you raid?
What are you looking for and do you guys have any progression this xpac

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