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Im thinking about moving severs
I like emerald dream, but the rp and world pvp that made it fun is dying as this game becomes less and less fun :'(
I play on Mal'Ganis because I wanted to play on a PvP server with good recruitment prospects, but my long time raider friend refuses to play on a PvP server.

So we compromised and found a high pop PvP server that is basically a PvE server.
No complaints on area 52
Zuljin is cool in my eyez;)
Anything that's not pvp
I greatly prefer RP servers because there are fewer rude/jaded people. Plus if you ever get bored you can wander around and read profiles.
Wyrmrest Accord because it is the best server in the game. It has a very friendly, large population, tons of events and things going on all the time, and you don't have to be a role player to enjoy the people and atmosphere. There are very few elitist jerks on WRA, if any at all. It is a very nice, laid back server with tons of stuff to do and people to play with.
Why are you looking at changing? Wherever you go, there you are -- is it a population thing or a faction thing??

Anyway, I would do no changes now. I'd wait for Blizzcon and hopefully word on future realm connections because that might change things population-wise. It's just a couple of weeks.
Thrall is the greatest horde server ever.
join an RP server, idc if u rp or not, everyone should b eon an RP server, and here is why, RP servers do not take part on the crossrealm!. yeh we do it for dungeon finder and such, but not in the capital cities or popular zones, what does that mean? rp servers are the ONLY servers with an actual community. only servers where ull actually see the same people everyday, thats all wow is about the community, and if u decide to rp then even better, but hey, its not a must

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