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Hello and good day to you all! You guessed it! I am in fact looking for a guild. Why is that, you may ask. My current guild has had a low attendance rate forcing us to pug or bring in friends with alts to be able to continue raiding.

What am I looking for? I am looking for the dream. I am looking for a guild that is active both in and out of raid times with people who genuinely enjoy the game. I love to run m+, I however hate to pug for them. I like to group for content such as WQs, weekly events/quests, etc. In regards to raid, I am looking for a group of people of like mindset who can remain focused yet have fun killing those mythic bosses. Raid days and times I am looking for Tues-Thurs daytime (10am EST -3pm EST) Friday-Monday I am available anytime. I am not tied to faction and am also willing to realm change.

A bit about me. I have been raiding off and on since Cataclysm with most of my raiding experience in MoP and Legion (I did not play during WoD.) I am currently raiding on two mythic teams one of which is 5/9M(weekends) and the other 7/9M(Tues-Thurs 10p-1am Est). I do not work and have plenty of time to put into my toons both of them having level 73 weapons. As far as raiding goes, I like to have fun and want to enjoy being with the people I game with. I come prepared and am ready to go 15-30 mins prior to raid time. I have a good attendance record above 90%. And I value properly executing the mechanics of a fight over making a parse. If I sound like a good fit for you feel free to add me Adahilia#1310.

Hello there! We could really use someone that has good attendance and knows mechanics :D Currently we're recruiting because we had to get rid of some toxic people that were making progression more difficult than is should have been. Essentially we're farming 6/9M until we have the roster to start pushing maiden again. Overall this guild environment sounds like it's what you're looking for. We take pride in our M+ groups, and many of our members play other games outside of raid. I know we're only 6/9M, but I figured I'd post anyways because we seem like a good fit based on what you're looking for.

[XiT] on US- Kil'Jaedan is looking to bring some dedicated players to our current 6/9M Roster!

Raid Times:
Tuesday Night: 9:30 pm PST / 10:30 pm MST / 11:30 pm CST / 12:30 am EST (3 hours)
Wednesday Night: 9:30 pm PST / 10:30 pm MST / 11:30 pm CST / 12:30 am EST (3 hours)

Immediate recruitment needs:

Looking for most DPS classes, highly pref ranged.

Anyone will skill playing their class will be considered.

We are looking for people that will mesh well with our current roster. A good fit will be someone that has a good attitude and understands how progression works. Someone that will be here for the long haul.

Although we only raid 6 hours a week, let it be clear that this is not and never will be a casual raiding guild. All players are expected to stay up to date with all information about their class and spec(s). If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to ask. :D

If you feel like this piques your interest, check us out and or apply by speaking to me!

You can also check us out on twitch.tv/rohzayy

Contact info:

Bnet: Shalene#1900 Discord: Shalene#4305
Hi Deadmouz,

Glad I caught you, You seem to be a perfect fit for our raid team. We are a great guild that doesn't have attendance issues and is very active outside of raid times. I am confident that you would enjoy raiding with us and vice versa!

Now for the spam:

Reign is recruiting motivated, skilled dps and healer to fine tune our core group in order to finish out the current tier and to push Antorus efficiently.
We are a progression raiding guild that has the goal of not only completing the current and future tiers, but to be able to do it at a competitive rate on condensed 2 day schedule.
In addition to providing a solid and competitive core team, we are active outside of raid times and offer a dynamic that is tight-knit with an atmosphere that has developed friendships inside and outside the game.
If this interests you, our details are listed below and I am certain that you will be a great addition to our team!

Guild: [H]<Reign> Thunderlord
Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30-11:30CST with an optional Thursday
Current Progression: 5/9M 9/9H ToS
Website: http://www.tastethereignbow.com/
Contacts: Fiolated(Council/Recruitment)
Smiles(GM/Raid Lead/Dad)
Viva(Council/Guild Bank Alt)
Needs: Talented dps and a healer or a really strong dps/healer
Here's our blurb.

2 nights a week. 1-4am EST / 10-1 PST
5/9 Mythic

Rebuilding the guild for Antorus and final ToS push. Feel free to msg me and we can chat in discord about whatever questions you may have

I know we would be a tight fit for you, but if you are are interested then we can talk about your spot with us!

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