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Muse is out there killin it. Wish I could have been there!
I always feel sorry for the band that has to play BlizzCon. It never seems like the audience is that much into the show, as I'm sure they're exhausted by that point. Not to mention, no guarantee that a bulk of the fans at BlizzCon even like the band.
I have never heard of that "Band."

They really seemed quite horrible, in the 3 minutes I could stand to watch.

Who is "Muse"?

I mean, I'm familar with Ozzy.

I am not familiar with a single album/single of theirs. Weird.
They are the best live act in the world for a reason and as usual they nailed it. Got the whole crowd singing along during Starlight and TIRO, bouncing during Knights. Great stuff.
I loved it. However you feel about the music, they also put on an excellent show from a visual standpoint. Was freakin' pumped by the end. :D

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