What class did u play in vanilla?

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This was my Vanilla Druid. If they are the final iteration i.e. tree form, stacking HoTS and Swiftmend then I would recommend them as a good healer. Don't bother if you want the multi role aspect though.
What class did you play?

My main was a 60 Orc Hunter on Skywall-US

What did you love about it?

Ranged was great for pvp.
Hunter was much easier to level than most classes
Could track humanoids which was great for pvp
Rhok'delar quest line was awesome. I solo'd every boss and was definitely the first major accomplishment I had in game.
Speed bugged AV wolf was pretty nice while it lasted ;)
Pretty easy class to play in Raid, but you could make it harder by not clipping your auto-shots.
Pretty much any mail agi gear was yours since shammies were only resto.

What did you hate about it?

The term huntards was definitely born in vanilla. Because hunters were easy to level compared to anything except lock, you saw a lot more hunters and they would roll on all kinds of weapons and things. Also, controlling your pet was something that most hunters didn't do so well.

Hunter DPS was ok, but nothing compared to warriors, rogues, and later on locks and mages.

Most of the time you aren't allowed to put your dot on bosses in raids because that debuff slot was reserved for other more important debuffs

Would you recommend it to someone else? Why

Sure, most raids need 2 hunters for tranq shot, and many pets gave group buffs, which were useful. Also hunters are pretty great and kiting world bosses into cities :P
i originally played a night elf hunter (yeah, of course) cuz i loved the idea of all the pets. camping the rare spawns was addicting to me and it took me forever to level because i'd try to find the coolest pet, level to its level, and then camp it so i could tame it -

i remember camping Humar, Barnabus (he was a red worg at level 38, you couldn't tame a model with that skin until the 50s), Rak'shiri.. having a horde friend help me tame Sian-Rotam...

i essentially re-rolled to this druid here when battlegrounds came out. i had terrible luck with alliance so i decided to try horde; i wanted a caster that could use wands but i wanted to be a tauren and i thought druids could use wands for whatever reason. instead, i fell in love with the shapeshifting aspect and the fact that i could heal, or emergency tank, or stealth around and be sneaky.

i've played feral since i made this druid in like 2005 and i intend to go back and play it all over again, warts and all :3
I played this, but it was undead. I liked always being needed and having a group to run stuff with as soon as I got online. I also had a Warlock and I loved the class quests for that, but I've been forever addicted to my Priest, I guess. I will be making a rogue this time around though.
My first character is a Warrior, I still play him he's 110 also.

Then I rolled Piddy here.

I don't recall if I rolled here before my warrior dinged 60 or not. But, Piddy was never really my main. I spent most of my time on my warrior.

I spent most of my time on him farming gold to buy gear for him. I rarely did group content. I didn't hang around in towns spamming for groups. If opportunity knocked "LF1M DPS ...", I would grab it, but I wouldn't really start groups. Notably I never counted on anything from group content. I had essentially no expectation that it would ever happen.

All told, I still got the Onyxia attunement, saw all of the dungeons. Did 15/10 man BRS and Strat/Scholo. I think I did the entirely of BRD only once. Did the jail several times, but only go to the King once I think.

What I liked best about my warrior was simply watching how he got better over time.

He was spending his time in soloing RFD and SM. He spent a LOT of time there.

And originally, it was a tough go. The pulls were hard. Lots of food, bunch of health pots. Died a lot. But over time, he got better and better until he was doing chain pulls in the SM Cathedral (and trust me, you don't do that unless you know you can -- that can, and did, get ugly real quick).

He had the best gear money could buy, save for the Lionhearts Helm -- just couldn't cough up the 1000g for a single point of crit.

Piddy here, for whatever reason, she was my wall walking explorer. She managed to get up to the Ironforge Airport, see the holes in the world. In the end, I committed her to PvP, especially when they announced they were getting rid of the PvP ranks. She spent most of her time in AB.

I remember using the folks in Darnassus to port in to the battlegrounds. Between battlegrounds, she would taxi over to Felwood, as they were the closest mobs high enough for her to drain shards from, to wit she had a 12 slot bag dedicated.

As a side note, as soon as Piddy got out of Coldridge Valley, when she was, what, level 3, level 4? I dragged here over and leveled her up in the Night Elf starting area. I distinctly recall my friend saying "Dude, they don't have any warlock gainers over there!" because, well, they didn't :). But I did it anyway, just to see the area. And yes, it's a drag, running from Kharanos to Wetlands to catch the boat(s).

My true goal was just to become an Officer so I could see what was inside the room in Stormwind. She dinged Knight the week of the release of BC. By the time the servers restarted, the door was open for everyone. But, hey, at least she's a Knight -- not a lot of those around.

"Piddy, The Last Knight"
Played a bunch but my first character was my Night Elf warrior Skykes on Alleria. I still remember playing the first time and seeing two Tauren attacking NPCs around Shadowglen.
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I'm trying to think of what I want to play. I made my first character, this rogue, towards the end of tbc/early wotlk so while I experienced reagents and weapon skills and thotbot, I never actually experienced vanilla.

What class did you play?
What did you love about it?
What did you hate about it?
Would you recommend it to someone else? Why

I loved it because at the time I was 11 and had an obsession with Archery
I hated feeding my pet constantly, I was okay with ammo management though.
I would, but only pre-Cata hunter
Mage, frost mage to be exact. I also rolled a warlock a short while after the mage; she was demo.
Was a warlock throughout all of Vanilla.

I liked the class greatly but will likely go with something different this time around. Leaning toward mage or shadowpriest.
My first ever character at all was a warlock.

I found it entirely captivating. I can't say I didn't hate anything about it, but I played it for a bit, then the novelty wore off and seeing other classes playing piqued my interest.

Then decided to try a paladin and thoroughly enjoyed it up through the first bits of BC until I wanted to try hunter then loved it. Then bounced between hunter and priest for the longest.

What will I play when the classic servers are launched? I'm not sure. Part of me says hunter because of how easy it is to level. The other part of me says priest because heals are always useful.
I started with a holy priest because my husband wanted a healer to follow him around but the problem was he never helped me level so it took nearly a year to level her. Then I made this hunter and found out what I had been missing!! Hunters are still my favorite class because they can solo really well. I also played a warlock and she was better than the priest but not as good as the hunter (everything was better than the holy priest!).
I played several.
Resto Shaman - Yes I'd recommend it. It was a lot of fun to play, the totems, chain lightning, frost shock. Anhk.
Feral Druid - I had a lot of fun, I tanked with her mainly though. Didn't raid with her.
Prot Paladin - Tanking as well. Though didn't raid with her either.

Won't really recommend feral and prot for the fact that they weren't fantastic. People generally wanted prot warriors, prot paladin for kings. Druids were mainly resto or Balance for innervate. Though they were fun to play.

Though I'd say if I play Classic for a bit I'll try out rogue. I thought they were neat, plus lock picking was very handy. Plus I enjoy them now :)

Gotta be the guy peopled called on regularly. :)
Too many. I was an altoholic even then.

(1) Tauren warrior (deleted)
(2) Troll rogue (still exists on Ner'zhul)
(3) Dwarf hunter (deleted from Crushridge in mid-30s when STV PvP was hell)

Reroll to PvE realms to escape bored 60s ganking everyone
(4) Troll priest (still exists on Echo Isle)
(5) Orc warrior (still exists on Echo Isle)

Reroll to RP-PvE realms that were newly opening
(6) Night elf priest - this gal
+ half a dozen alts on the same realm to cover professions and try different classes and one plate-wearer to be a clothes horse
11/07/2017 01:39 PMPosted by Giggleblush
I'm trying to think of what I want to play. I made my first character, this rogue, towards the end of tbc/early wotlk so while I experienced reagents and weapon skills and thotbot, I never actually experienced vanilla.

What class did you play?
What did you love about it?
What did you hate about it?
Would you recommend it to someone else? Why

I played as a hunter then a warrior in end-game content. I'd say that Hunters was only for people that were talented and attentive. I loved the fact that you were able to kite just nearly everything which allows you to solo, but hated the fact that ammos ran out on a daily basis so your dps takes a dip quickly or even if your pets die as well then dps dips quickly too. I would recommend hunters only for people who are experienced because you will fall behind quickly and struggle to find a spot in raids/dungeons.

Warriors is quite versatile in vanilla due to the fact that you are able to pick any of the three trees without worrying about finding a spot in raids. Tanks are always in high demand due to the fact that people get burnt out quickly as a tank because it requires a lot of work; costly repair bills, getting large bags to carry 3-4 tanking sets for unique situations (Trash/Resistance/Boss/High Armor), and excellent understanding of old school mechanics or you'll have 39 angry people. Otherwise, it's a fun class for just anybody but keeping in mind that it requires more maintenance compared to other classes. I'd highly recommend warriors over hunters :-)
First toon was a warrior got to 60 then a rogue but my wars been my main for 12yrs. But I think this time around I will do a priest healer and attempt for Atiesh.

Important thing is everyone is a special snowflake now no more hearing "You didnt play in classic / I played in classic."
I played this guy, late 05 up to earlier this year when I gave up. Right after I made him I made an Undead Warlock which I also enjoyed. I would recommend either, but as I recall leveling the Warrior back then was a bit tough, could also be that I had no idea what I was doing.
First ever character was a mage i named hotrod. Got to level 8 after dying a bunch and RQ because mages were too squishy, re rolled a dwarf warrior which is this character that i race changed in Cata. Played Warrior at max level, mainly pvp as i was a trash lord teenager that didn't know how to play, looking forward to going back and experiencing the stuff i missed out on BWL + and that sweet sweet rank 14 grind only got knight.

Going to try and get as many people as i know to play classic.
Night Elf Druid! Had absolutely no idea what I was doing, when I was 15 my brother looked over my shoulder and was like "you're 15, have you spent any talent points yet?" Of course I hadn't. Then I started working the Balance tree...
I had a hunter at 20 but I got my warrior to 60 first.

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