Infusion is recruiting

Cairne and Perenolde
Hello guys. Infusion is recruiting. We are a longstanding guild of mature players. We play all aspects of the game but specialize in Heroic Raiding. We are currently 6/9 Heroic progressing through ToS. We are recruiting Heroic raiders and people wanting to learn to raid to make a push into Mythic ToS in the next few weeks.

As I said though, we do it all together. We have a casual raid team that runs older content weekly, a PvP Team that does guild BGs and Arena and a lot of casual levelers and such.

If you are interested go ahead and contact anyone in Infusion. Ask for an invite. The officers will keep an eye out and get with you about your plans asap. Have fun! - Lereus
I'm interested
I was in the guild when it first started out. I left the game for a while but now I'm back and need a guild.

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