Returning Raider LF home for Antorus

Hi there guys, former mythic DPS (US 30-60 last expac, US 20 EN) looking to join a raid for Antorus prog! Logs from previous kills available upon request.

I'm open to playing the following specs and have gear appropriate to start on the 28th:

Havoc DH
MM Hunter (Horde for fun, transferring back if wanted)
WW Monk
Fire Mage

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Speed#1171 Bnet
Hello Ayela, I sent you a battlenet friend request. Noeliani#1400, Hope to hear from you soon.

Alliance, Stormrage - Dawning Nemesis (13-year-old guild, started in EQ) is raid based guild currently looking for an exceptional and reliable DPS / Healers, to fill a core spot on our Team DN for Heroic and Mythic progression in ToS. We also are very active outside of raids and run a lot of higher level mythic+ daily.


- Raid Size: 20-Man Progression
- Schedule: Tue/Thur - 8PM to 11PM EST.
- Progression: 2/9 Mythic
- Server: US-Stormrage (PvE) Alliance
- Loot system: Personal
- Voice Server: Discord
- Website:
- Who to Whisper: Ferniss (GM) Btag: xfinity#1300 or Shonobii (Officer) Btag: Noeliani#1400

- Looking towards the future and Antorus The Burning Throne we want a core raid group together for when it releases to hit heroic hard.
- Have Discord with a working mic.
- Be on time and ready (Form @ 745 EST, in instance pulling by 8)
- Know the fights & do your research.
- Know what your class can bring to the table for each encounter.
- Willing to learn from mistakes and personal accountability.
- Have a positive & professional attitude.
- We are all adults with dirty minds, must have a sense of humor.
- Hope to here from you soon. :)

I am contacting you on the behalf of the guild Stay Frosty(5/9M). We saw your ad on WoWProgress, feel that you would be the perfect fit and would be interested in giving you a trial.

Our primary goal is to bring cutting edge raiders to a hardcore environment with a casual feel.

Our raid times are Sun, Mon, and Tue 9pm-12am EST. Flasks, food and optional vantus runes are supplied.

Please feel free to contact me by in-game mail or btag.

Thanks guys, added ya both.

<Trailer Park Gnomes> 3/9M before we took a break, and now we are rebuilding for Antorus. We are looking for competitive players who are willing to learn, and able to take private constructive criticism if they need to improve. We are all adults, so we treat everyone in the guild as adults and with respect.

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8PM - 11PM server

If you would like to give us a try, please let me know via bnet - JoeyMagz#1984 - or discord - JoeyMagz#5529.
added you

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