944 5/9M mage Lf guild

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hello, I am a 944 Mage currently 5/9M I started raiding 3 months ago, so i'm looking for a good guild that will not shy away from giving away tips and that want to push hard in antorus, I have logs aswell.

Reclamations is a mid-ranged Mythic raiding guild on Frostmane/Ner'zhul/Tortheldrin. Being a mid-ranged raiding guild we look to enjoy our time in and outside of raids together, whilst still pushing to be competetive in our server group.
Many of us have been raiding together since WotLK and plan to raid on as a group into future exapansions to come. What we look for in new raiders is to first fit in to our laid back low-stress culture and second meet performance standards recuired to be competetive in current content.

Progression raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-10pm CST, with alt runs being on the weekends.

We are currently 6/9M ToS and are looking to recruit any experienced and reliable players to bolster our ranks and potentially become core. All recruits interested have the opportunity to join our heroic clears to be trialed, if the trial shows potential we can speak about next steps at that time.

If you are interested in joining us or have questions please contact me in game jumbojuzebox#1536 or check out our website @ reclamations.us

currently looking for one ranged dps to jump into our core group!
<Mechanical Misplay> is recruiting an Flex dps (dps with healer offspec) for Mythic ToS and for the Antoras raid coming out on the 28th!

**Players returning to the game: we care more about your experience, awareness, and ability to make good decisions than gear, so if you're returning and undergeared don't let that stop you from applying!**

About us:
We are a relatively new guild (formed 8/8/17) of semi-casual raiders who have quickly progressed through Mythic ToS. We keep only a 6 hour a week schedule so we expect everyone to come prepared because we are all adults who have lives and we don't want to waste the limited time many have to play. That being said, if it isn't progression we are probably chatting and joking. Many of the members are frequently running Mythic + as well as raiding on alts so there's always something going on. We are presently 4/9 Mythic and expect to be 5/9 this week.

Recruitment Needs
Tank - Low
Healer - Resto Shaman
Melee DPS - Warrior, Rogue
Ranged DPS - Elemental Shaman, Mage

Raid Schedule - Tues/Thurs 8-11pm E.S.T. with Heroic alt run on Wednesday and Mythic+ runs throughout the week

Loot Method - Loot Council in order to ensure that loot is given to where it will provide the most benefit for the team. There's a slight preference to raiders, however trials are still often given loot. We tend to gear in the order of DPS>Tanks>Heals

If you have any questions or anything please add Broy00#11517 or Sebas#1851 or feel free to fill out an application any time at www.MechanicalMisplay.enjin.com

(Horde) 7/9M ToS (7% Avatar)

Currently recruiting:

Shadow Priest (High)
Mage- Fire/Frost (High)
Hunter- BM/MM (High)
Druid- Balance (High)
Elemental Shaman- (High)

Any exceptional Healers

As well as any other exceptional DPS and Healers.

We are looking for raiders to have similar experience in current content or at least 5/9M with previous mythic progression raiding experience. Please have logs for us to look through if you are interested in a trial/interview.

A little about us:

Hello raiders,

<Bodies> (Thrall) Is an adult guild with a long history of high ranking kills dating back to vanilla. While only raiding 3 hours a night, 9 hours a week we have always cleared the current content while putting up top 200 rankings. We are looking to clear the mythic content with a casual 3 night 3 hour schedule, yet effectively with our semi-hardcore raid environment. Bodies guild has been around since Vanilla and is here to stay.

If you are looking for a casual raid environment with competent raiders that can push the content quickly and still keep up with other semi-hardcore guilds with a lax schedule of 3 nights per week (9 hours) we are for you. We actively partake in discussions on our guild forums whether it be boss strategies, class discussions, or just general bs'ing, feel free to check out our website I guarantee you its a step above the others.

If you are heavy into raiding and you have friends that are not, they are welcome to join and hang out as well.

We are not elitist here, but we do have high expectations for those who do choose to participate in raiding. As in consistently and constantly doing the best you can to improve yourself and your rotation for your specific class, having your consumables for progression fights, artifact weapon maxed or near max, gear being fully optimized (enchanted, gemmed, and with the correct stat prioritization)(The guild will help with this just ask). Do your research, participate in our guild forum discussions know the boss fights, be on time and ready to raid not logging on at the start of raid, we are not here to hold your hand through progression.

Our raid times are as follows: In central standard time

Tuesday: 730pm-1030
Wednesday: 730pm-1030
Thursday: 730pm-1030

We also do "Alt" raids and previous tier raids for ap farming over the weekend as well as gold carries to fund guild repairs, and raid mats on a regular basis for any who would like to participate for some easy gearing and just have fun enjoying the game.

For more information or to join and trial contact any of the following or visit our guild website and apply using the new applications template on the forum.


Real ID-:
<Wheres my Brez>
A semi hardcore, new guild on Stormrage is recruiting for Antorus led by 6/9m mythic experienced players. We are looking for like minded raiders with mythic experience to prepare for content pushing in Antorus. Raid times will be Sun 7-11pm and Monday 9-11pm
For more information contact:
Gm/RL: Kappa#12454
Co-gm: Soaras#11550
Healing Officer: Raeana#1652


Shamans: (high)

Currently open to any dps to fill most of our spots once we recruit in more dps we will post specifics here
Reforged is a Mythic raiding guild that likes to progress while having a fun time doing it. A lot of our members have been playing together for years. We run a Loot Council system comprised of both Officers and Raiders to ensure equality for the entire raid team.

Raid Times
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00 am EST (server time). Invites go out 15 minutes early. We have an optional alt/heroic/normal run on Saturday nights from 9:00pm - 12:00 am EST as well.

Recruitment Needs
We have a smaller raid roster. We do not recruit bench players. If you join, expect to be raiding and be able to step in and contribute immediately.

We are currently looking for 2 healers as we have 2 retiring come Antorus, and we are always looking for strong DPS (1 - 2) for core raiding spots. Any exceptional players will always be considered.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions please add Peryite (Pery#11203) or Tigermon (Tmiester#1520) or Crogarby (MykeETykes#1540) on Btag.
Interested in 2 night raiding?
<Okay> Illidan 7/9M ToS

Tues & Thurs. 8:30-11:30 cst(server)

Focus on efficient Mythic progression, Speed clears, M+, and having fun.
US 15 Leadership. Adult Guild.
Flasks & food provided.

Hello there! <Efficient> is a Mythic raiding progression guild on Stormrage-Alliance. We are currently 9/9H 5/9M and also offer PVP, alt raids, old content runs and guild events with a big focus on Mythic+ Requiring a +10 per week at minimum; we are also constantly running keys ranging from +10 - +20 during the week.

What we need:
Exceptional DPS but will consider anyone who has the drive, passion, and commitment to be part of our Mythic team

Required Add-On’s and Voice Chat:
RC Loot Council
Big Wigs or Deadly Boss Mods
Weak Auras

Raid Times:
Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday 10:00PM – 12:00AM EST
Optional Heroic/Alt Run: Saturdays

Karma#12379 – GM
Hey man just to get started with the tips :) you should post your desired times aims for progression and a bit about yourself it's really hard to know if we are a good fit but!! I would love to chat with you more I love a good convo!

Guild Spam time !

[H][Bleeding Hollow]9/9H 5/9M T-Th 7:30-10:30 EST
We have a full 20 but will be losing a core member to schedule change soon and are looking to replace him.

We are LGBT friendly and adult.

Most of us love a challenge and M+ in our spare time online. We are aiming to finish mistress and prep for a better mythic run next tier.

Please reach out to me on discord for an immediate response grumpydruid #5066. Or battle net when I log on xylode #1744 or since I got the app anytime.
Pandamonium on US Magtheridon – Alliance 9/9H 6/9M is currently recruiting for our mythic raid!

Raid Times – 7:00PM-10:00PM EST Saturday & Sunday

Loot System – Loot Council, which is based off of
*Raid Attendance
*Previous Loot
*Attitude and drive for progression.

Highest Needs -
Ranged DPS (Hunters, Mages, Moonkins, etc)

We are interested in mythic caliber players of any role or class!

Why Raid With Pandamonium?

Our group has a long standing history filled with knowledgeable, dedicated players looking to progress through end game content on the highest difficulty. The team's focus is to be better each time not only per pull, but as players, to continue to grow as a progression team. Our raid environment is focused on progression and our members work together to work through strats and experience content together while maintaining progress throughout the tier. We like to have fun, and killing bosses is fun!

A bonus to our raid is that we have a supportive community within the guild that is active with members who have various other interests so that you have company during off-raid nights. The worst thing is to be active in a guild that only logs on for raids!

General requirements include:
* Commitment to regular attendance to the team
* Raid ready character as the first tier drops.
* Ability to use Discord and have working mic.
* Stable internet connection with little to no disconnects.

Feel free to contact any of us in game with any questions!
Atrianna#1646 - Raid Leader / GM
Keaton#1165 - Melee Lead
Drinkinmycup#1192 - Recruitment Officer
Hi, we are in need of a Mage for a core spot, I hope you give us a look.

We are currently 7/9m and always pushing to be better. We're 9 hour / week and are looking for raiders who can focus and maximize progress in that time. Thank you for your time and I hope to talk to you soon.

Raid: T/W/Th 7:45-11pm Server (Central US)
Tenure: On Sargeras since mid SOO (so we're not going anywhere)
Loot: RC Loot Council + 1 core raider alternating weekly (so everyone knows how loot is decided)
Web: BC-Guild.com
Me: Pieces#11238
Minimal Preference: 3/9M+ exp, 930+ itemized / equipped iLevel & 70+ artifact traits.

We are Horde and have been a team since December 2009. We're interested in having you join our squad. Can we speak on BNET or Discord?
Legion Progression History:
***Mythic Mistress to 9%***
5/9 M-ToS, 8/10 M-NH, 2/3 M-ToV & 7/7 M-EN

Raid Schedule (Server[CST]):
Tuesday & Sunday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM
(Optional) Heroic Thursdays
Deviant is a team consistenting of mostly late 20 early, 30 year old players. I would describe our team as a mature guild that have created a raiding environment that likes to have fun, but avoids politics, racism & homophobia. I regularly update our website so please take a look as there is additional information on our raid environment and loot system there in addition to some boss kill videos, which are added the day after each progression kill.

is a Horde US progression based 2 day, 6 hour raiding guild formed in December 2009.
We use a customized EPGP loot system modified over multiple expansion to make it fair for both old and new team members & Discord for voice chat.
Server Group:
Destromath, Thunderlord, Azgalor & Azshara

Visit our website for FAQs & kill videos:
GM Contact Info:
enceno#1753 on Blizzard App
enceno#7514 on Discord
Hey Titanyar, if you're still searching for a solid Mythic raiding guild <Averse> is the place for you.
Current progress: 8/9 ToS
Raid Times: Tues wends Thurs 8-11 EST
Server: Sargeras

<Averse> is a newly formed guild that transferred to Sargeras at the beginning of the tier with the goal of creating a strong roster for Antorus. We are always looking for solid players who know the ins and outs of their spec.
What you can expect from us: fun mature group of people to raid with that clear content efficiently.
What we expect from you: bring your A game for raids with knowledge of encounters. As you know no Mythic roster is ever 20 people, so for progression we bring the 20 best people for the fight regardless of outside factors. However for bosses we have on farm we do a great job of swapping people in and out for bosses that they need.

You can contact me on Btag: Creepingup#1783 if you're interested.
Pie, good talking to you last night. Best of luck in your search.
Add me on Discord if you are still looking for a guild and would like to discuss, VanHelgren#2259. I typically do recruiting at work, so chat messaging in Discord works best.

<Full Contact Gaming> (4/9 M ToS) may be a fit for you, look forward to potentially speaking with you!
Howdy My man,
If you are still looking for a guild feel free to hit me up if you think it would be a good fit.

The main focus is to recruit strong dps. We are looking for a minimum of 910 item level but exceptions have been made with enough motivation.

We offer in depth training to help you reach the next level with both output, fight knowledge and strategy.

The raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-9:30 CST with an additional trial /open to everyone run Fridays at the same time.

If you're interested feel free to hit me up on bnet or preferably discord.

And have a wonderful day!

(Bnet) - Atokal#1207
(Disc) - Ato#8545
Hey Titan, I'd like to talk to you sometime about joining SORRY EH. The good news is that we're already on Area 52, so you wouldn't have to spend any money on transfers. I'll drop some information here & add you to chat later.

To be brief, we are a newly formed 2-day, 7-hour guild on Area 52. Our roster is a collection of adult raiders with extensive prior high end raiding experience; much of our core, including the leadership, is already 9/9M in ToS. We put a premium on preparation and good mechanical play, as well as activity outside of raid hours. Our goal is to clear each tier on a real life-friendly schedule.

Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM EST

Leadership experience:
Hulawhoops (GM) - US 48 M Kil'jaeden
Chrissinger (RL) - US 79 M Kil'jaeden
Delaslock (Officer) - US 70 M Kil'jaeden

Any questions or interview requests can be directed to one of our officers:

Hulawhoops (GM): Hulahoops#1762
Chrissinger: Singer#11516
Akkerman: Ackerman#11507

Impetus is aiming to strengthen our roster and we are looking for skilled, dedicated raiders capable of learning and mastering content on a limited schedule. On a 6-hour per week schedule, we were a top 3 guild in the US to finish Nighthold and kill Gul’dan 10/10M. We aim to improve that and be the US #1 Mythic guild raiding 6 hours per week by the end of Antorus. Currently, we are 7/9M. 

We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9pm-12am EST.

If this sounds like the sort of team you want to be a part of, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

Guild Leader: Dethkrik#1795
Recruiting Officer: Randiz#1613
Website: impetus.guildlaunch.com
You didn't mention days or times that work best for you, so I hope ours can work with your schedule. Someone from our recruitment team will be sending you a btag today.

<Proper Villains>- Proudmoore. We are currently seeking dps (range preferred) and 1 resto shaman to join us in finishing up Tomb and heading into Antorus.

Recruitment Thread with specific needs: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754295247#1

7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 10/10M NH
8/9M ToS (for now)

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
8:00pm - 11:00pm Pacific (Server time)

Key guild differentiators:
Our guild, raid, and Discord atmosphere is constructed around being a collaborative low-stress environment. There is absolutely no yelling or raging at people, no egos being thrown about. We do not require people to level/gear alts for split runs. Optional runs for achievements, AP and legendaries are organized weekly.

Please apply on our website at http://proper-villains.enjin.com/recruitment

If you have questions, please contact Elysra (Discord: Davryn#6479; Bnet: Bizambo#1417 or Reason at Btag Beyond#1193.

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