937 Blood DK looking for guild.

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Hi there, as the title suggests I am a 937 Blood DK but am also willing to play a DPS role if absolutely necessary. I only started in this expansion but am looking for a guild that is active and friendly as well as doing plenty of Mythic +. I am hoping to find a guild that has a raid team that is around the heroic level right now but is looking to progress as time goes on.
Thanks for your consideration,
Our Guild OOB was formed on November of 2006 and has raided since level 60 molten core. While we are going on our 12th year as a raiding guild we do so without recruiting for the bench. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7pm till 10pm CST.
We pride ourselves in the stability of this guild and treat each other like family here. I would love to speak with you about everything else since I do not cut and paste recruitment spams on people’s threads. It is much better to find a good fit by actually taking the time to get to know someone. If this peeks your interest, please take the time to add me so we can talk. My Bnet ID is Geo#1668

I look forward to speaking with you,
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

5/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

Non Offensive Innuendo is currently a heroic guild that is wanting to go mythic.

Server: Ner'zhul, Frostmane, Tortheldrin
Progression: 9/9N 9/9H

Roles we currently need: Exceptional Healers, DPS, and off-tank

Please fill out this application to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-rZ-shnsXmp-O-Q1IHBgy5ZL6UyjLA4lNpRKAKSl4rEEYGg/viewform

We use EPGP and RCLootCouncil for loot, and Exorsus Raid Tools for notes

Consumables: Free for all raiders

Raid Times:
Wednesday, Friday, and Monday 8-11PM CST
(Monday is optional farm)

We use discord, feel free to join for any questions or interviews. https://discord.gg/UEEnfCp

We are like a family, we joke and mess with each other all the time, we are laid back and not super strict, but we still want to kill bosses at a resonable pace.

You are expected to show up on time, and if you can't let someone know ahead of time. You are also expected to do the highest required mythic+ key to ensure that your gear stays up to date, if you require help doing this let people in the guild know.

Contact Info:
Parts Unknown - Sen'jin (PVE) - Horde is recruiting for Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond!

The guild was formed during WOD by a group of RL friends. We offer a fun, friendly and competitive semi-casual raiding environment, that focuses on clearing heroic content and getting AOTC each tier. With the Antorus the Burning Throne Raid right around the corner, we’re looking to add a few like minded and experienced people to our core raiding team.

9/9 H TOS

Recruiting Needs:
Melee DPS (Warrior, Monk, DK & Rogue)
Ranged DPS (Any Class)
Tank (Any Class)
Hybrid Tank (Any Class)

Raid Schedule:
Thursday and Monday from 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm EST.
Optional alt run on Sunday from 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm EST.

Contact Hpnotiq#11936 if you’re interested or need more info.
Disasterpiece of <Seraph> (Horde - Mal'Ganis) is interested in having you on our roster!

About Disasterpiece:
We're currently building a team for Antorus with the intent of starting mythic ASAP. In the meantime, as we build up our roster we'll be hitting heroic ToS to farm up what gear we can, and once we have a solid roster we'll head into mythic and try to prepare for Antorus. Our raid days and times are Tuesday - Thursday, 5:30-7:30 server time (CST). While we don't require you to have your own food and flasks, we will be requiring donations of the mats to make your spec's preferable food (generally feasts) and flasks. We do not supply potions or augment runes, although you'll easily find someone in the guild with rank 3 in every recipe should you need it.

About Seraph:
Seraph is a community of gamers, friends, and family. Currently boasting 11 raid teams and a truly unique experience you won't find anywhere else. We've been around since 2009 and won't be going anywhere anytime soon, make us your next WoW home. A lot of people are recruited here for raiding, but they tend to stick around for the community and friendly atmosphere.

Recruitment Officer: Lucky (butts#1849)
Lucky#6545 - Discord

Raid Leader : Wizspike#1781 - Battle.net
WizSpike#3192 - Discord
[A](WrA) <House Brighthammer> is looking to round out its raid team for Antorus.

We are looking for a rogue, a mage, a beastmaster hunter, a dps with viable tank or heal offspec, and 2 other dps.

We are 9/9H and raid Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, 7 - 10 PM PST.

We are semi-casual and prefer to progress in raids with a team of people we enjoy spending time with, and who are willing to work together. We require Discord, DBM Timer, and 915 ilvl for current progression.

We do Mythic Dungeons, world content, and achievement/mount hunting together whenever possible in our non-raid times.

I would love to have a chat with you and possibly set up a trial if Brighthammer seems like it would suit your needs. I am usually online in game between 10 AM and 10 PM PST and can be reached at Aristiri#1425 (Akaitaka) or you may reply here.
<Pipe Dream>
♥Home of Blizzcon talent winner Jay the Tavern Bard♥

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: F/Sun 7pm-10pm server.
Requirements: Previous heroic xp & 910+ilvl w/60+ artifact traits.
Recruiting: All exceptional DPS and Healers (hpal, rdruid, rsham).

Pipe Dream is a brand new guild formed by a team of experienced mythic raiders looking to build a core raid group of their own capable of clearing mythic content and competing for server first starting in The Battle of Azeroth. At the moment we are focusing on heroic ToS farm to trial our new members and prepare to go straight into heroic Antorus to began mythic progression as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions feel free to message me via facebook or add me on btag-Fabulous#1467. If you'd like to apply you can in the welcome tab within our guilds discord https://discord.gg/B63kPAa

Officer Logs:


Hello =) I wasn't sure if you were opened to server change. I'll leave our recruiting message below. Please take a look and if you're interested, let me know!


Hello! <Haven> is a semi-casual H alliance guild on Malygos/Icecrown looking to recruit long-term players, welcoming casual and part-time raiders alike. We are a tight-knit community made up of friends: some real life, some digital. Currently we are 9/9 H ToS and would like to go as far into H content as we can while maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Having a good time together is our primary goal with progression secondary.

Our recruiting wish list is simple:
1. Personality - We are looking for laid-back and easy-going people who like to have fun. Most are 30+ but all ages are welcome.
2. Patience - At some point, we're all learning content together so please be respectful, courteous, and willing to learn.
3. Understanding - Not everyone plays at the same pace. Balancing work and family is important!
4. We do need some sort of indication if you wish to join in on raiding, so please let us know your preferences.

*Most importantly have fun!*

Raid - 2 days a week:
Tuesday 8-10ish PM CST
Sunday 8-10ish PM CST

*Thursday normal Fun Run for alts or mains who want to have fun

9/9 H TOS
9/9 N TOS
10/10 H NH



If this sounds like a good fit for you or would like to know more about the guild, feel free to reply here or contact the following battletags in game:


Hi Ash!
Not sure if you're willing to switch to Horde (especially with this new expansion coming out!), but if you are, you are certainly welcome to <Veridis Quo> [Hakkar/Aegwynn/Bonechewer/Daggerspine/Gurubashi]

T/TH 8-11pm EST progression raiding
Sunday 7-10pm EST alt raid
On off days, we either do m+ or RBGs
Come join us on an alt night for a test run to see if you like us! :)

Send a friend request to: (case sensitive)
Velivani-Hakkar (Guild Master) - Velanstus#1132
Jumboejoe-Gurubashi (Raid Leader) - millgrom#1818
Helloooooo Ashalvin,

<ECKSDEE> is a 9/9H guild currently looking for raiders to fill our current roster in anticipation for Antorus! And you sir, sound like the perfect candidate =) We have been around as a guild for just short of two years, but we've been raiding as a team for much longer than that. We're a laid back group who likes to kill things and try to have fun doing so. Our raids run Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8pm - 11pm PST. We have also added an off-night casual raiding with our sister guild on Wednesdays and Sunday (Fundays) for alts / members that may still need gear (these are completely voluntary). That means you can gear up in our heroic / normal runs until you feel you're ready for Mythics on your toon ;)

You can add my btag (Validas#1299) or our raid leader Mosy's (Syrup#1855). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
Press Start to Continue is currently 5/9M and looking to kill mistress before next tier drops, we could really use a blood dk, we raid Tuesday 7-11PM PST, and Thursday 7-10PM PST, if you want to chat feel free to add me Tyrrlin#1503
Hello Ashalvin,

Wipe Scene Investigators (WSI), a Mythic progression guild on Mal’Ganis is expanding to include a B-TEAM! What does this mean? We are looking to gather players like you.

THE GOAL: Our primary goal in this B-TEAM is to progress heroic and press M+ with the opportunity to step into the core team for mythic. The team is there to progress together through alts and raids at a decent pace. The chance of expanding is definitely still up is potential.

Who Are We Looking For: If the following sounds like you hit us up.
    1. Hardcore player looking to fill up free time with an alt.

    2. A Mythic level player who recently has been busy with real life and looking to find a mythic guild, but has the ability to sit out.

    3. A heroic player looking to push and get a chance in mythic experience in making the A team.

    4. Lastly a heroic player not able to get the numbers for mythic, but willing to join a bigger guild in the chance for a mythic spot.

Current Guilds Progression:
  • A-Team: 8/10M NH, 9/9H, 6/9M
  • B-Team: Forming

For additional information and to apply, please contact one of our officers listed below. A short interview in Discord will be conducted, followed by a trial run with the guild. Currently looking for those 925ilvl+, gearing up is limited and Mythic progression is the only focus.

Raid Times: B-TEAM
    Tuesday 8-11PM EST

    Thursday 8-11PM EST (Varies to 10:30pm EST)

    (OPTIONAL) - Sunday 8-11PM EST (A-Team Raids this night)

  • BronzZero#1897 - BronzZero
  • Touczz#1764 - Touczz
  • Ripshot#1242 - Ripshotbh
[A]<Iris> on Emerald Dream - US

Sun/Mon 7-11 CST, optional Thurs Raid.

8/9M Core group of players switching to the above schedule for next tier. We are looking for a good melee DPSer who can flex to tank when needed.

Naaldira#1635, add and we can chat about it, see if its a good fit.
All outta Bubblegum> 9/9N 9/9H ToS is looking for a monk or druid tank, and a mw and priest heals to fill raid team. raids are 9:30 pm to 12 pm server on Friday and Saturday night. working on expanding to mythic just need you to complete the team. PST for more info Arochon,Talmyn,Lillara-officers
Bullsheet(with two dots over the second e)-GM
Thrall -Hord

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