<Of Hells Design> 11/11H LFM Mythic

Guild Recruitment
<Of Hells Design> We are a serious but casual raiding guild that focuses on enjoying our progression while maintaining a high level of play. Many of us come from past hard core background and we now would like to sit back, relax and kill all the things!

Raid times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST

Available spots:
DPS- Ranged slots open
Healers- Pally/Priest/Monk
Hybrid players- People who can Tank/Heal and Dps are highly valued
**Currently not in need of players who main a tank unless they can off-spec heal or dps**

About OHD
OHD was formed during T11 of Cata on Scarlet Crusade by two real life friends. Our goal has always been to clear each raid before the next one releases on the highest difficulty possible. Over the years we have held high server rank boss kills since moving here after D3's release. While we are not as hardcore as we use to be, we are still focused on challenging ourselves and improving with every tier.

In addition to playing Wow we enjoy playing a multitude of other Blizzard and non Blizzard games. Some of these games include League of Legends, Diablo 3. Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. We want players who are looking for a place to call home when we aren't killing bosses. Non raiding players are also welcome to join us.

OHD maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to help encourage a fun and successful raiding environment. With this in mid we still have the same expectations of any other serious raiding guild. Which include dedication to the guild/raid team, high attendance and consistently maintaining a high level of skill in our play.

As a member in OHD you'll have access to assistance for everything you might need. Such as flask, potions, food, and more. All we ask from you is that you show up to raids, play hard and enjoy playing the game with us.

Things about you (we hope!)
• You enjoy raiding and challenges above all else.
• You strive to maximize how helpful you can be to the team and the guild.
• You don’t complain about menial things such as gear, boss fights, class mechanics, etc.
• You understand that raiding means wiping a lot. Sometimes even for multiple nights in a row.
• You strive to maintain nearly 100% attendance, with exception to unavoidable things such as emergencies.
• You maintain a positive attitude while raiding even when things get tough.

If you are interested and you feel you have these qualities please contact us in game or add me to btag= Ysosrslawl#1721. Additionally, I stream @twitch.tv/ofhellsdesign every raid night and you can get a decent feel for us before you join (if you're interested).
Headed back to kill KJ tonight then our alt normal run!
Friday night! Doin' some recruitment!
One more day until reset day!
Hopefully everyone is having a good holiday week!
Argus tomorrow!
Good week of progression looking to get more next week!
All the recruitments!
Still recruiting! Even with this migraine :C
yay weekend!
i love reset day
yay 2 new bosses
5 new heroic bosses this week we are now 7/11H
made christmas cookies today with the kids
Got my wow stuff done now for destiny 2
Yay reset day! Got some trials tonight :D
More heroic tonight!
Got Vari down last night
Still looking for new recruits, could us a DK, boomkin, lock, and ele sham.
01/09/2018 08:34 PMPosted by Leorick
Still looking for new recruits, could us a DK, boomkin, lock, and ele sham.

Still need these classes

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