5 raiders looking for 2 night guild

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Hey five raiders looking for a 2 night mythic guild 3/9 or higher pref. We are a 1-1-3 comp 1 tank 1 healer 3 dps. All over 937 and 63 traits. Willing to xfer but prefer horde.
Between 8-12 est starts ideal
938 BDK 66 traits
941 MW 67 traits
938 Ele 64 traits
938 Frost Mage 65 traits
939 Afflic 68 traits
Hello! I would love a chance to speak with you! It is possible we would be able to fit you all in. Could you send me a link to logs and the names of all the players looking to come?


Our current progress is 5/9M.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday 8PM-12AM EST.

Here is a link to our logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/5619/

Here is my Battle.net/Discord if you are interested!

Atrocity#1805 - Battle.net
Atro#4824 - Discord
<Style Points> 5/9M

US Mal'ganis - Horde

Wednesday 7-11 CST
Thursday 7-11 CST
Optional Raid Day (Normal/Heroic) TBD

<Style Points> is a new 2-night guild on Mal'ganis looking toward building a solid roster for Antorus and into the coming expansion. We are most of the old leadership of <Project Casual> on Haomarush, which was one of the top 2-night guilds in the US for MoP/WoD. Our current roster is made up of multiple former top 20 world raiders who've "retired" to a more reasonable schedule, but wish to keep the serious mentality that top guilds have.

Past achievements include:

US 91st Garrosh
US 120th Imperator (1st US 2 night)


We're all here to have fun, but we expect people to take raid time seriously. Outside of raid we play all sorts of other games together. People are almost always willing to push M+. We want to build a community, not just a raid team.


We understand that real life takes precedence, and emergencies happen. That being said, as a 2-night guild, we expect that barring anything major, raiders will
maintain 90-95% attendance throughout their time with us. Raiders will also be expected to maintain a bare minimum of character support, including knowing fights prior to them being pulled and obtaining their weekly M+ cache.

As we look to expand toward a full roster, we welcome all serious applicants. We're especially interested in current and former high end raiders who are either
looking to take a step back in terms of time or who wish to reroll to a new class. Ability to swing to other specs as the fights demand is a huge bonus.

Any and all applicants will be considered, and our current needs are as follows:


Priest (Shadow)

All applicants are welcome to contact us.

GM: Zedthetank#1927
Recruitment: Keystone#1582
Hello Brastif !

I would love to have a chat, I'm sure we can fit all 5 of you!

Archon is looking to add skilled DPS and Heals to our raid team for Mythic ToS. We are offering a CORE SPOT we would love to have a talk!

Here is a little info about us

Guild: Archon (Alliance)
Website: http://archonexodar.enjin.com/
My Real ID:Tan#1506
Other Officers: maeru58#1545, Destroyer#1175, memz#1599, Jaron#1615, Myth#1108

What are we looking for?

-Dedicated raiders who enjoy the game and raiding
-Understanding of all aspects of your class
-Ability to adapt and learn quickly.
-Players who enjoy working more as a team, than an individual.

Most importantly, we want people who want to have fun. In the end this is a game, and we play to enjoy it!

Raid Info

Archon has a raiding schedule that pushes progression, but does not consume real life. We currently raid on a 3 night schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:45pm - 11pm EST.

Loot System.

Archon uses a Suicide DKP system for loot. For more information on the loot system please visit http://archonexodar.enjin.com/dkploot

Current Progression

3/9 M ToS

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a officer in game, add one of us to your real ID:(GM) Tan#1506 or look for Tannhia Online. You can also contact our Officers Lilith (memz#1599), Orlha (Destroyer#1175), Neophyte (Jaron#1615), Mythruss (Myth#1108) or Amarndeus (maeru58#1545) in Bnet or in game.

Thank you very much for your time and hope to hear from you!
<Amateur Night> (1/9M)
Semi-Harcore progressive guild 2 nights a week, with other casual raids going on throughtout the week.Tight family like feel doing lots of Mythic+s and achievement runs as well
for those who are interested in such. PvPers also welcome to join, we are trying to create a little community for them as well in order to do RBGs and have Arena teams going on a regular time schedule.

Looking For (Solid DPS)
Range: Hunter/Lock/Mage/Boomkin/Spriest (High Priority)
Melee: DK/enh/rogues(Low Priority)

Tanks: Any Just be decent.

Healer RShaman / RDruid
Ready for Raid for Mythic Progression.

Raids: Wed 8-11PM EST. Thurs 8:30pm-11PM EST

But ALL exceptional players welcome regardless of class and spec.
Battlenet: PolarBear#1688
Add/ask me anything you would like to know. Please have at least Heroic progression that's been logged so we can see if you're ready for mythics.
Hello, I'm Pixel and thank you for your consideration reading this letter!
We raid Fri/Sat 9 PM to Midnight Eastern Standard Time and our Server preference is Sargeras of the faction: Alliance

We aim to be Semi-HardCore / A little casual and want to provide an amazing atmosphere for our raiders.

GM Contact info: Pixel#12533
Discord - https://discord.gg/8dewAxQ

We are a family oriented guild created by veteran cutting edge players eliminating the need to pug content whether it be raiding or dungeoning. When considering our team, I just want you to know we put our members above all else. As much as we want everyone pulling their weight, we will give equal opportunity and worry about the overall atmosphere of our raid team. If you have any prior noticeable skill regarding a previous expansion / tier and you think it's worth mentioning in regards to your ability to perform we take that into account, with your current item level. As long as you meet the minimum to enter the current tier we will give you a try and see what you're made of. Flasks / Pots / Food will be provided on a weekly basis for raiders for progression purposes, and bought themselves for farm.

Thank you again for reading this letter and we hope to see you with us on Argus!!
Hey friend, I do all my recruiting with my voice.
So if you want to have a conversation concerning your group and possibly raiding with an active and large community on the Horde. Let me know.

Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
6/10M Nighthold
2/3M Trial of Valor
7/7M Emerald Nightmare

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

Add roffles#11650 3/9M We'd have a spot for all 5 within reasoning.
Let's chat add me.
7-10PM Tues/Wed H-Illidan
looking for more options keep em coming
<Spiritus Mundi> is a horde guild on Connected Kilrogg server and we are currently looking for multiple dps classes to round out our progression team to finish ToS and move to Antorus. Currently 5/9M ToS and moving onward at a fast rate!

Current Needs:
Spriest (w/ disc/holy offspec)
Subtlety Rogue
Arms/Fury Warrior
Disc/Holy priest
Holy Paladin

Our raid times are Fri/Sat 9pm to 1 am CST (server is PST) with optional Heroic/Normal clear on Thursday for trial runs and those juicy titanforges at same time. In the downtime between raids we run a lot of M+ and play other games as well. We maintain a fun, enjoyable atmosphere in our raid groups while maximizing pulls for progression. If our raid times fit and you would like to give us a try add Reneda#1787, Rav#11203, or Eadley#1461 to schedule a trial or get some more info.
Would you be able to provide class and spec details?
938 BDK 66 traits
941 MW 67 traits
938 Ele 64 traits
938 Frost Mage 65 traits
939 Afflic 68 traits

These are equipped Ilvl on most fights bags up to 942 on most
Hi Brastif, if you guys were willing to go Alliance we could use your roles but it'd be nice to know what specs each plays as I wouldn't want 2 disc healers, or 3 extra hunters, etc. etc. :)

We are Something Shiny on PVE-Cenarius. We raid 2 nights; Sat 8-11pm and Mon 7-10pm PST. We are 3/9M ToS.

More info can be found on recruitment post - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755596329

maliwali#1577 btag and maliwali#2947 discord
<Tranquil> Horde Guild on Malganis looking for ranged dps to raid our 2 day raiding guild. We are currently 5/9 Mythic and raid Sun-Mon 7:30-12:00 pm eastern. Have a pulse and some mythic kills down. Logs are important but prefer to talk with the person and get a feel for you.
US-Sargeras - Alliance

Serious Guild Name, Was 13/13M HFC in WOD US 142, is openly recruiting all classes/specs for the Legion expansion. With leadership and core players having finished off the last several tiers Cutting Edge, the team is actively seeking a player base capable of helping us compete inside the top US-100.

SGN originally came from Stormreaver (US) Horde, and decided to switch factions for a change of pace.

Openly recruiting all classes/specs.


6/9 Mythic

Our current raid schedule is Tuesday-Thursday 9:00-12:00 midnight ST (central).

Concerning gear, we currently use an established and successful Loot Council system.

Although we consider ourselves a very tight-knit group, we are constantly looking for like-minded, competent and dedicated players to join the crew and competitively progress through end-game content. The ideal candidate for a position in <Serious Guild Name> is competitive by nature, capable of CONSISTENT solid percentiles within your class/ilvl while handling the pace of mythic-level mechanics/encounters, experienced with end-game content of some form, patient, mature, follows directions well and ALWAYS maintains a level of respect for leadership and their teammates. The ability to attend 90%+ of scheduled raids, use of Discord and a working microphone are ALL mandatory, no exceptions.

Lastly, raid spots are offered to those that interview/perform well, interact with the group to get know our raiders and help contribute to our guild's overall success. We have zero interest in players looking only to log in for raids or focus solely on getting loot. Essentially, we strive to create long-term, committed players.

Interested in finding out more or joining up with our ranks? Feel free to:
1. Post here with your contact information
2. Whisper our members in game
3. Add an officer on btag to chat further:
Thug3299#1940 (GM) Wonka#1307(Recruiting) Neutralcat#1646 (Officer) Nevernude#1910(Recruiting)

Thank you for your interest in <Serious Guild Name>, we look forward to speaking with qualified applicants!
Bleeding Hollow Horde
<Omnipotent Psychosis>

Raid times: 8:30pm-12:00am Est Wed/Fri/Sat.

Wednesday we are running Heroic ToS to either gear alts or sell the run for profit. 50% of the profit will be distributed back to the individual players for their participation.
^^Not mandatory^^

3 year Long-Term Core motivated to pushing Mythic content.

Recruiting ALL Skilled Players with Priorities towards

Sub/Assassination Rogue
Havoc Demon Hunter
UH Death Knight

930 ilevel minimum with at least 14 points in concordance.

Omnipotent Psychosis strives to clear all difficulties of current raid content to ensure continuous progression. During our off raid nights mythic+ groups are usually formed after around 7:00pm Est to push for +10/+15 chests/gear. We use loot council during our raids to distribute loot to the proper people. As an added bonus of being a core raider, we alphabetically shift two core raiders weekly to be able to vote on the council. We are also using guilded.gg to coordinate events for everyone involved in our guild. Due to the need for personal accountability it is mandatory to participate in the calendar on guilded.gg for raid invites.

If you are interested in joining apply today at http://www.guilded.gg/#!AdVRz5pzjG.

If you have any questions you can ask either myself or the recruiting officer on discord or bnet.

Virtuous#1462 Bnet / Apexx#3468 Discord - Guild Leader
Nylotus11#1873 Bnet /Daedalus#0028 Discord - Recruiting Officer
Message me. 6/9M 2 nights a week. 8:30-11:30EST

Hey! Let's have a chat on discord if you're interested. We're 5/9M and raid Tues/Thurs from 9 pm until midnight EST. We have a couple raiders retiring for Antorus and I'd like to find people who can fit in with our raid atmosphere as soon as possible so we can finish out ToS strong and hit the ground running when Antorus is released.

My Btag: BiaZzZ#1543
Our GM/Raid Leaders Btag: Pery#11203
7/9M Guild LFM and interested if you are able to raid 3 days a week. Wed, Sun & Mon 8:30 - 11:30 Eastern.

Add me at soj#11462 if 3 days is workable for your group!

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