What do you do to spread positivity in-game?

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A few things, if I see someone going to a node or chest I'll let them go for it rather than race them. If I see someone hurrying to get a shot in for credit on a world boss or quest mob, I'll stop dpsing to give them a chance.

I'll buy an item off the AH that was listed prior to the same item if the price range is similar, I figure they were waiting longer. If someone's obviously pulled more than they can handle, either faction, I'll drag off a mob or two to let them recover. I don't park giant mounts in front of mailboxes or npcs and glance around to see if anyone's using my mog/vendor yak before dismissing it.

It might not be things that anyone notices, but it makes me feel good to do little things like that. Basically, do things in game that I'd like to see done for me. It always makes my own gaming more relaxing.
Simple: I engage in considerate behavior, not rectal orifice behavior. And when someone else does the latter, I remind myself:

I don't wanna be like you
I don't wanna be like you
I don't wanna be, cuz that isn't me
I don't wanna be like you.
When ever I attack an alliance in WPVP started by me or not and I win, I wait till they respawn and I hit my emotes /pat, /hug, /bow and /bye then fly/run away.
Whenever I enter a zone I type "Whatup pimps?" into general chat. That'll start a conversation and people will talk to each other.
I try to be helpful. If I see someone questing and near dying, I'll try to save them. If someone asks what seems to be a legitimate question I'll answer them honestly. Lots of people seem to forget plenty of new players still come into the game and need help just like everyone else did.

I also try to be the good teammate whether that means peeling in BGs or watching the healer's back in a dungeon... or MAAAYBE misdirecting to the trash talking DPS who won't stop dogging the obviously new tank for their play when they're doing just fine. ;)
I love transmog and have quite a few "extra" pieces. If I see someone from my server(s) running around in a partial set and I know I have the missing piece, I give it to them. I think my most recent gift was the Ebonhold Armor.

Another things I like to do is on Christmas morning anyone who talks in trade chat gets a random gift mailed to them. I wrap them up before hand, so even I don't know what I'm sending them, but it could pets, xmog, whatever.
I'm not sure if this counts as spreading positivity, but as a casual PvE player, I make a point to not be the first to leave a M+ mid-run when things go wrong. I think it helps boost morale when we actually do complete the run, and it shows that we don't all just play the game for our 3-chest.

Earlier today I joined a +7 HoV, because I wanted to run an easy M+ before heading to work, and there weren't any +10 runs available at the time.

The tank was an alt, so he was a little undergeared -- meaning that on bursting-skittish, we have to especially watch our Omen and DPS at a steadier pace. We're downing the mobs steadily, and suddenly the key holder (H pally) yells at the tank "go go go." At every single pack.

After Hymdall, he continues pushing us, "go," "pull more," "faster faster," "pull all of them and just let the DPS AoE." So we started pulling 2 packs and tried AoE'ing them down, and of course we had to blow all of our defensive CDs and aggro dumps just to keep up with 6+ bursting AND the DPS tanking the mobs.

We wipe at Hyrja due to a dumb mistake, and then we noticed that one of the DPS was AFK. We attempted Hyrja again anyway, until the healer suddenly ran out of the Eye of the Storm, died, kicked the AFK, listed the group again, invited another DPS, and told us to wipe so we can 5-man it because it would be faster.

After he finally understood that you can't re-group during M+, he said "we'll just 4 man it then." Like the rest of us were already planning on doing.

When we get to the wolves on Fenyr, he went on again "faster faster!," and proceeded to pull 2 packs of wolves himself. Of course we wipe again because the healer couldn't keep up with multiple ravenous leaps and bursting. As soon as we rez, the healer went on AGAIN, about how we needed to go faster, faster, "FASTER GUYS COMMON!"

The whole group is pretty fed up with him, but the rest of us continue anyway. We didn't even say anything about going for completion. I guess the rest of us just wanted to finish the damn thing, for a piece of gear that very likely wasn't going to be an upgrade. All the while the healer is pulling extra mobs on the way back from Fenyr, attacking the mobs in the hall AFTER using a mug on them, and blaming it on the group for not hand holding him.

Now we get to Skovald... and the healer messes up on every mechanic, and dies. We managed to down him anyway, and we're right at Odyn, when--

[H pally] leaves the group.
[Tank] is now the leader of the party.

The three of us are just baffled, but we had some implicit agreement that we were just going to go at it and finish this once and for all. Me and the other DPS were overgeared anyway, and as long as we follow the mechanics, we don't need any heals at all. We flawlessly executed the fight and finished the dungeon at 00:00:00.

We didn't even open the chest when it dropped, we just felt so... exhausted for sticking through a grueling M+, not to mention it was only +7.

But I felt quite good from that experience, since it proved that we aren't all impatient kids that ragequit as soon as he misses the 3-chest. Some of us play for the challenge and camaraderie, even when our teammates are total strangers. And that we stick to important principles -- don't give up, finish what you start.

I guess some people wouldn't understand, but I hope this kind of attitude helps encourage other like-minded players to run M+ for reasons other than loot.
I have a *throws confetti* macro that includes a small string of the little lucky charms, it's hilarious some of the replies I get to it, makes a lot of people happy; recently I received a *eats confetti* back and had a good laugh myself xD
How do I spread positivity in the game?

By not being negative. I keep to myself and do my role. I don't harass, belittle, or troll others. I don't yell at them if they mess up. I just do my part.

If I can't do my part because of something else happening, toxic groups or people, I just leave.
Me and my guild carry a lot of people in our raids every week, as well as m+. As long as they’re guild members ofc.
i dont, i just keep to myself and queue for stuff
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DH: I really could kill them right now.....i mean bro, I'm horde, why are you running at me like that with a 50% health bar at a lower level then me......know what....idc I'm just gonna fel rush away this guys an idiot

LOL I go through that process too...any time someone attacks a spriest thinking we're an easy kill, not knowing how much damage we do if you don't 2shot us...
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10/13/2017 12:39 AMPosted by Snowfox
PvP realms are all about manners.

I almost choked when I read this.

On a healthy PvP server that has not been overrun by CRZ, Snow is absolutely correct. If the Alliance and Horde in an area are roughly even (and often even if they're very uneven) they ignore or help each other unless someone else instigates. People who aren't that good at ending fights learn pretty quick that killing 1 enemy player often triggers a reprisal, in the form of them bringing backup or following and interfering with you. Worse yet, if it's a populated area where everyone was playing nice until you started firing shots, chances are everyone will join in the bloodshed in a domino effect and the entire area will become a warzone. So people learn not to start stuff and just be nice when the enemy faction is minding their own business. Like a dog who learns to stop sniffing beehives.
I provide my wisdom, witticisms, and good humor for free.

I also absorb SOME of the hate from anti LFR people, anti Titanforging people, and anti flight people, on the forums.

You are welcome.
I don't bash people who pst me for loot in LFR or a pug, even though I could DE it. If it means something to someone, I'll give it to them. If it's the other way around I would want the same.

The same holds true for wow as anywhere else. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
short of being a decent human being, nothing.
first, I smoke a lot (not cigs). trust me, it helps others plenty.

Then I just do my best to stay out of other peoples way.
I do my best to be polite, (even when im confronted with hostility first) and try to be a team player in general.

Ill often summon my named battle pets and point to them so Hordies can see-
Kristiara points at you
Kristiara points to I Love
Kristiara points to Your Mog

ill /thank people when they help me kill a big rare, or if they pull mobs off me when i accadently agrro some of those big elites on Argus. I try to return the favor whenever i can. i even cast soulstone on people near death and trade them a few lock Cookies.

ill run people through old content and even current content if they have to do like a normal/heroic dungeon for a quest since i can solo them at this item level as destro.
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PvP realms are all about manners.

Not sure if sarcasm.

I spread happiness by keeping to myself when I'm not in a good mood. Toxicity is contagious, so I try to limit my interaction with people when I'm not feeling like myself. No one likes a Debbie Downer. :P
I'm not very social with strangers so instead I try to do things to improve other's QoL, or to not inconvenience them.

If I see someone in the water with a ways to go I'll give them waterwalking. If I'm tanking a WQ mob I'll face it away from others. If I run up to an herb I'll go on the opposite side of it so the person who's right behind me won't have to try and click around me to also get it. I'll stop attacking something if someone is almost there so they can get credit too.

I guess a lot of those things are because I'm hyper-aware of my environment, which is probably from being on a PvP server.

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PvP realms are all about manners.


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