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I have 10 toons I play on a regular basis and when I login on my priest in the alliance priest class hall I get a strip across the top of the screen that shows Order Resources, how many Netherlight Paragons there are, how many Band of Zealots, how many Krokuls there are. When I log into other toons there is nothing like this. Some of my toons when world questing will show demarcated areas for a quests' range, and some will not. They all use the same addons, so why would this only happen for some characters and not for others?
My first suspicion is it is based in your addons.

I'd do a full and proper reset UI, then check.

To clarify [your initial example], you're saying that the strip does not appear on non-priest characters while in their respective class halls?

If that's the case, I'd lean toward Orlyia's solution as well.
One fallacy we see here a LOT.

It doesn't happen to all my characters, it CAN'T be my addons.

That is actually backwards - that is a pretty good indicator it may be. Addons can have different settings for different characters.
That strip appears any time you are in your order hall.
I have seen it at times where it does not show for some of my characters.
I don't remember at this time which ones.

And I don't use any addons. None.

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