Congratulations to <The Stonecutters>!

Hydraxis and Terenas
Congrats on joining the mythic-kills club on alliance =)

Good luck and godspeed in the rest of the instance. We're rooting for you guys <3
Grats guys!!
Grats, Stonecutters!
Well Done indeed.
Thanks! Not sure how many more we can get, getting 20 on raid nights is still an issue lol.
I'm with Green, we need to get to 20 more often to get a few more.
GL on Avatar, hope you guys can finish before Antorus comes out.
Thanks guys! Good luck on Avatar and KJ!
Good job ya'll. Unfortunately the 20 man boss is always the hardest. We are lucky and have only missed a few raid nights but we seem to always have people late so our time is cut short usually.

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