8/9M Hpriest LF Late Night Weekend Raid

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I'm looking for a friendly guild to raid with! I just switched to shaman with my current guild, and would like to find a second guild to raid with on my priest (has been my main for this tier).

I'm currently 943 equipped with BIS leggos. 8/9M with a 48% wipe on M KJ. I play Hpriest and don't really like disc so I'm hoping to find a team where I can play holy almost exclusively. I also don't play shadow.

As far as timing goes, Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon, preferably after 6pm PST/9pm EST, is ideal. I will transfer servers, and strongly prefer alliance but will consider horde.

Link to my warcraft logs:

Please post here with questions and guild info, or add me on bnet HannahBee#11766

we're looking for a Hpriest EXCLUSIVELY, so none of that void flinging crap or throwing out bubbles like oprah, so if you like what you read hit us up. BTW pain suppression isn't gonna save you from this wall of text.

Proper Villains is recruiting! We're currently 7/9M ToS and previously completed 10/10M NH, 3/3M ToV, and 7/7M EN last tier. We aim to get progression raiding done, while having fun, all in 9 hours a week.

Current Recruiting Needs:

Please note: Even if we have "none" for your role below, we are always interested in exceptional players. If you think you'd fit our guild culture and are interested in joining, we encourage you to apply!

In general, we're looking for players who are at least 930 and 66 artifact power. However, we'll consider people at lower levels if you are a good fit!

DPS: 1 ranged class. We have a particular interest in mages and hunters, but other ranged classes are also welcome.

Healers: 1 shaman or 1 holy priest.

Tanks: None.

Raid Times

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
8:00pm - 11:00pm Pacific

Optional Alt Raid on Friday
8:00pm - 11:00pm Pacific

Key Guild Differentiators:

Our guild, raid, and Discord atmosphere is constructed around being a collaborative low-stress environment. There is absolutely no yelling or raging at people, no egos being thrown about. We discuss problems in a respectful and civil tone in order for everyone to learn about the boss mechanics and push progression faster. We encourage people to speak up with ideas, suggestions, and mistakes without fear of being attacked in some form.

We do not require people to level/gear alts for split runs. We do have an alt raid on Friday nights, but it is purely optional for those who like to play alts.

Stability and Historical Progression

Proper Villains' raid team has been raiding together in some shape or form for 4+ years now. We've always met our goal of clearing mythic content when it was current. Our historic progression has included:

Tier 19 (US 464)
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M
Trial of Valor: 3/3M
Nighthold: 10/10M (World 11th Mythic Gul'Dan Execution Ranking)

Tier 18 (US 144)
Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M

Tier 17 (US 159)
Blackrock Foundry: 10/10M
Highmaul: 7/7M

What We Expect From Applicants:

- Good skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs).
- Some prior raiding experience in Mythic (or old Heroic).
- Ability to attend at least 90% of raids.
- A willingness and desire to spend some time outside of raid achieving reasonable character progression through artifact power. All raiders should do at least one high level Mythic+ dungeon a week (high enough for maximum item level loot from the weekly cache). Raiders are also expected to complete their daily quest cache for artifact power until artifact level 75 (maximum level for Netherlight Crucible).
- The ability to research current and upcoming raid encounters, and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game.
- Friendly, humble personality (team player).
- Ability to communicate on Discord.

Loot Distribution:

We distribute loot via Loot Council.

Website and Contacts:

Please apply on our website at http://proper-villains.enjin.com/recruitment

If you have questions, please get in touch with our recruitment officer Elysra (Discord: Davryn#6479; Bnet: Bizambo#1417). Alternatively, contact me (Reason) via Discord (Reason#2637) or btag (Beyond#1193).
I can't do Tues/Wed/Thurs because it conflicts with my current raid team. But thanks :)
<FASTz> of Arthas-PvP is a new guild composing of top 40 U.S. leadership and we're building for Antorus. I'm looking specifically to recruit someone with your kind of experience. We raid late night Friday and Saturday from 12:45 AM to 4:45 AM EST. Feel free to message us for more details!

If interested, add me to bnet and we'll chat more there.



Below is our guild spam. Good luck to you in your guild search!




Friday & Saturday
9:45PM - 1:45AM PST (12:45AM - 4:45AM EST)

Loot Council



Holy Paladin - HIGH
Resto Druid - HIGH
Disc Priest - HIGH
Mistweaver - HIGH


Any and all competent DPS players regardless of spec or class is encouraged to apply!

Add one of us to bnet if interested and let’s chat!

GM: Avantha#1824 (Former GM of US #33 Parse Culture)
Officer: TheLOOGE#11560 (Former GM of US #33 Redux)


Who we are: A late-night, weekend raiding guild seeking to finish top US 100 in Antorus. Our leadership and core of players understand that WoW’s hardcore raid scene is dying out, giving way to a surge of casual raiding guilds -- such as this one -- featuring great talent, while expending far less time raiding.

What we are: Casual, semi-hardcore raid group. Firm 8 hour raid weeks. NO mandatory alts. NO mythic splits. No raid time extensions and no extra days. We raid the days and times we advertise. No bait and switches here. We also aren’t pressing to mimic other established guilds. While our guild is new, many of us have decided to come together from other guilds to build something special.

The goal is simple: Complete all of current content as effectively and efficiently as possible before the start of a new tier.

Here’s the key: Have fun while doing it. Being in a guild where no one likes anyone else is flat out not fun. Being in a guild where most raiders only log in for raid isn’t fun either. We realize that. So one of our foremost priorities is to cultivate a raid environment that is social, enjoyable and fun but also serious when it needs to be.

The bottom line: We want to create an atmosphere that you want to be a part of, both in and out of raid, while also emphasizing progression raiding. It’s a delicate balance that we will aim to achieve as we make our way through each tier.
I'll add you :)

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