8/9 M 948 Blood DK / 941 H pally LFG

Guild Recruitment
Our guild leader stopped m raiding anymore so I'm looking for new mythic raid.
We are 948 Blood DK (Unholy available), and 941 Holy Pally.

DK log-

Pally log -

We experienced 51% on Mythic KJ.

Some of our logs are still in private because our GL decided not to reveal it.

I don't mind faction change.
I prefer it to be a high progression guild. (at least 7/9m)

add me skang2#1791 for more details.
I'd be extremely interested in talking to you both about SORRY EH. We're a newer guild, but our core is extremely experienced and efficient. I'll dump some info here and let you contact me if you're interested.

To be brief, we are a newly formed 2-day, 7-hour guild on Area 52. Our roster is a collection of adult raiders with extensive prior high end raiding experience; much of our core, including the leadership, is already 9/9M in ToS. We put a premium on preparation and good mechanical play, as well as activity outside of raid hours. Our goal is to clear each tier on a real life-friendly schedule.

Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM EST

Leadership experience:
Hulawhoops (GM) - US 48 M Kil'jaeden (@ only 9 hours/week)
Chrissinger (RL) - US 79 M Kil'jaeden (@ only 7 hours/week)
Delaslock (Officer) - US 70 M Kil'jaeden

If what you see interests you, I'd love to talk. Here are some contacts:

Hulawhoops (GM) - Hulahoops#1762
Chrissinger (RL) - Singer#11516

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