(A)(Cairne) SPriest w/Disc OS LF casual guild

Cairne and Perenolde
(A)(Cairne) SPriest w/Disc OS LF casual guild to run dungeons (heroic or mythic, have keystone will travel) and casual raiding. Playing since Vanilla, on most nights after 9PM est. Former MT disc healer pre-Legion. Need to sadly get out of my dead guild :( I am missing the companionship and discussions of a casual laid-back guild. Message me in game :)
I'm the gm of DJ I made this guild for handicap players that need a home and want to raid from 3 days week. Because I have c.p. we are recruiting all class but demon hunter. My b-tag is kurting#1779 my e-mail is mr.schnepp28@yahoo.com.

4 pm to 8 pm est

holly pally
mage all
shaman all
warrior dps
I was being kick so I made my own guild. We are a new guild that is a family that worked hard.
We're recruiting right now, really looking for some damage dealers with a heal OS so you'd be perfect. Raid times might not work out too well, we start at 8pm EST Tues/Thurs but if you're only interested in normal/heroic we do have a Saturday run that starts at 9pm EST. We do run a lot of m+ throughout the week though.

Find me in game or btag me #Knave1337.

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