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Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Guild Recruitment info | Dwarves R Us [Alliance]:
Server: US Feathermoon / Scarlet Crusade(Merged)
Realm Time(Zone): Pacific
Raid Nights: Friday and Saturday 8pm-10/11pm Server Time
(We're not Dwarves only and Dwarves are not a must!)

About us:
We are a brand new Semi-Hardcore guild on Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade(Merged)! We created this Guild in hopes of inspiring both new and returning players who never really got into the progression scene to give it a try (Seasoned players are still welcome!). Our main goal is Raid progression and preparing for the next patch and raids that come along with it. All we expect from our Guild Members, particularly those in progression, is that you come prepared and do your best that you can do! Our GM and Co-GM both have N9/9 Raid progression.


We offer all the support you may or may not need. Ever have a question, feel free to talk to the GM or Co-GM. Both players have an extensive knowledge of WoW: Legion and past expansions. If we don't know it, we can find out.

Communication style during raids:

During raids we like to use Discord voice chat as our main source of communication. We prefer minimal talk during boss encounters so that Raid Leader and Officers may be able to clearly give out directions without having to speak over anyone. We do not call out single players over voice or in Guild/Raid chat.

Guild culture:

Dwarves R Us isn't your typical guild set to one type of content. We do enjoy raiding and although it is our primary goal, we do a bit of everything. We do not have set nights for Mythic+ or Legacy raids, however, all you need ever do is ask!

Our Current Progression is:
The Tomb of Sargeras:
Normal 9/9

Recruiting: We are currently filling out our Progression Team and are in need of an off-tank, healers and dps!

Death Knight - All Specs
Demon Hunter - All Specs
Druid - All Specs
Hunter - All Specs
Mage - All Specs
Monk - All Specs
Paladin - All Specs
Priest - All Specs
Rogue - All Specs
Shaman - All Specs
Warlock - All Specs
Warrior - All Specs

Anyone and everyone may feel free to apply!

Conduct: Positive and mature, willing to learn, aware of surroundings, solid attendance.

Voice Chat: Discord

Loot: MainSpec > Offspec.

Guild Master/Raid Leader/Main Tank: Gomri - Tauware#11284
Co-GM: Shiggyloon – Palcron93#1959

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