Marg's 12 Annual Christmas Gift Give-a-way

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Day One Recap! Day One Went Perfectly. Had i think 6 people for Selfies! (Hopefully you guys did #SantaMarg on Twitter!) and had a great turnout for the Gifts. No issues at all. Special Tanks to Keyblade, Ewanar, and Bubskii for helping out for my Event. Bubskii watched people in line to make sure they didn't Cut, Ewanar kept the Line moving, and Keyblade was Big Support! Hope to see everyone again on Day 2!

And now for the Legal Stuff to protect my helpers and Guildies of my Actions during this event.

This event, actions of myself, or my helper(s) do not reflect the View's and Opinion's of Validus Knights and there Members/Officers/Leaders. Any actions of my helpers are of there own accord and should not reflect there guild they may be apart of. Any actions of myself are of my own accord and should not reflect upon Validus Knights and there Members/Officers/Leaders.

Code(s) Info:
The Code(s) will be put on a piece of Parchment in game. the code(s) are NOT TO BE SOLD in game. If caught, I will not be responsible for Actions taking to your account by Blizzard for the act of Selling these code(s) in game including, but not limited to Account Suspension's and/or Account closing's. Screen Shots of the Parchment will also be saved on my Computer in case something happens and i need to Dispute anything.
I have started to announce the Event in Trade and General! Hope to get the Gifts wrapped once Winter's Veil Starts!
As promised, this years Big Gifts are as follows

2 Digital Deluxe Edition of Legion Codes

2 Overwatch Game of the Year Editions Codes (Digital Code that is)

Coupon Code for 20% off the Blizzard Gear Store! (Gear Store is here

Gifts/Coupons/Codes have been Written and Wrapped. Look for me Saturday night!
Gifts are in my Inventory, I am in my hiding place, Ready to drop down to meet everyone on Saturday! 5:30 P.M. Server time! I will be in my spot at 4:45 for pictures. Look for my Helpers in Trade/General/Say to say Where to meet me!

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