[H] Boosted

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
Are you a boosted bonobo, baboon, chimpanzee, or any other primate? Then you should apply to raid with Boosted. Do you want cutting edge leadership? We have that. Do you want a casual schedule? We've got that too. Are you tired of being told you can't play your favorite spec because its not the best? Well we don't care as long as you aren't a literal monkey.

Raid Times:
  • Friday - 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM CST
  • Saturday - 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM CST
  • Current Needs
    Any player with progression experience and solid logs is encouraged to apply.
  • Healer (Priest, druid, monk)
  • Ranged DPS
  • Melee DPS
  • Tanks with excellent logs will be looked at, but we are not actively looking for tanks.
  • Our Expectations
  • Come to raid on time and prepared with appropriate consumables.
  • On time is 15 minutes early, we should be in the instance ready to pull trash at 7:00.
  • Come to raid with a basic understanding of the fights and your class.
  • Don't be a jerk, remember you're not Riggnaros and we're not Blood Legion.
  • Your Expectations
  • We will kill bosses at a decent rate. The leadership here have participated in progression at the highest level, with several officers having US top 10 kills.
  • We will have fun! Most of us are here because we don't enjoy the raid environment that hardcore progression fosters, and will be actively looking to make the raids enjoyable.
  • Your voice will be heard. We listen to suggestions and concerns from every player, regardless of status in the guild.
  • Application Info
    If you are interested in applying, please contact Buttons#12178 or ask a member to point you in my direction!

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