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In terms of the expanded leveling brackets, can we expand Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria to go from 80-100? Or are the the brackets from the announcement pretty set in stone.
If we must be exalted with all the Legion factions to get going with the new Allied races, do we need to have an exalted character on both Alliance and Horde, or do we just need to have one character exalted with all to unlock for account wide?
In BfA, will druids be able to equip their sexy artifact forms while wielding new weapons?

Is there any hint they might have new skins to look forward to in BfA?
Will There be new any new BoA Heirloom gear like the MoP Weapons and the WoD Trinkets that were released at the end of each expansion.
Under the Battle for Azeroth topic, are there any current core systems or long standing systems that will be changing significantly, such as tier sets for example?

Put another way, what can we expect to stay roughly the same in BfA?
Will the current profession model remain, and if not, what will change.
What plans can you share regarding how RP PVP servers will be affected by the changes to world pvp? CRZ Phasing can be completely devastating to a realm's identity so I'd love to know what the intentions are with Roleplaying servers.
Whats happening with the artifact skins in BfA. The impression is that we will be able to xmog weapons to the artifact skins that we unlocked in legion. But will (for example) in BfA my arms warrior toon be able to transmog a ashbringer skin i unlocked with my paladin toon?
In regards to level syncing, will there be an option for max level players to voluntarily sync ourselves with "outleveled" content so we can experience that content with our friends without ruining the experience for them?
Will we ever get any official information on lifespans of races? We don't know how long most of them live, and have heard thirty different things on each of the different elves.
Will 7.3.5 allow us to recruit Argus troops for order hall missions through the Legion Companion App?
Will any changes to flying restrictions come with the level scaling changes? (ie: removal of cold weather flying to keep the barrier of entry same for Outland and Northrend)
With the new PVP/PVE World Toggle System, what will you do to curb the possible surge of players flocking to High-Pop realms like Illidan and Stormrage via character transfers? We may have 5+hour wait times again just to login.

Without Artifact weapons, are we going to have to go back to having to find off-hands to our one-hand weapons? Do feral druids no longer dual-wield daggers?
Can you talk a bit more about the incentives you have in mind for those who flag PvP on (extra honor? XP? AP?)?

Will those rewards vary by player level (lvl 20 vs. 120)?
Can you give any spoilers for pre-expac event?
In BfA will tier consist of 5 or 6 pieces? If 6, will anything be done to prevent using both 4p and 2p bonuses?
After level scaling patch 7.3.5 will we have anything new later?
Any plan to expend codex of xerrath(green fire) to affliction and demonology spec? Because i feel it's limited to only destruction spec.
1. I've been a huge fan of Legion so far and consider it one of the best expansions ever. That being said, we have several months upcoming between 7.3.5 and Battle for Azeroth. Will there be any mini-raids, quest lines such as a continuation of the Sylvanas Greymane questline, or even QoL changes such as further increasing legendary drop rate?

2. An assumption was made in my first question that it's going to be a nice long while before we get Battle for Azeroth. Is this a safe assumption or is Teldrassil going to burn sooner than we think?

3. Previous expansions have given us free character boost up to the previous expansion's max level. With the new races coming, are we also going to get a race change and/OR a boost in Battle for Azeroth?

4. If we don't get a free race change with Battle for Azeroth, or even if we do, can we expect any price changes to the frankly ridiculously highly priced services such as race/faction/realm changes? No one is a fan of paying $25 for switching to their friend's realm for a game that they ALREADY pay for.

5. Can we have any comments on how legendaries are going to work in BfA? You've already said that we aren't going to have the same system, which is great, but are we safe to assume that legendaries will still be obtainable in game? If so, will they be quest rewards? Random drops? Crafted by our own hand?

6. Are we going to get improvements to the current profession system so that the crafting professions are actually rewarding again and, indeed, viable for current content? 935 helms were great, but it felt like too little too late AND many classes such as my own are locked into some form of 2/4set and can't sacrifice a tier slot to ilvl.

7. Are we completely doing away with any form of mission/follower-based minigames or will we still be able to start something that takes a few hours and gives us rewards like gold and consumables?

9. What are your thoughts on more dynamic events? I have vivid memories of GM's releasing monsters that would destroy entire towns in Everquest way back in the day. They felt like real, current threats that often had no other reward than making that zone/area usable again for questing or whatever else you were doing at the time. Programmed events are.. cool I guess, such as the legion invasion and invasion points, but they don't feel like a pressing matter to me or anyone else that I know of, just another scripted event that gives slightly better rewards than what is already there.

10. I love the mythic plus system. Sometimes I become sort of masochistic and decide to pug my keys and we all know how bad some of those groups/individuals can be. Will there be a system in place to punish players that have bad conduct in those groups? Too many times have I had tanks join a group and leave a little way into the dungeon, depleting my keystone (which is of course not as penalizing as it used to be, but no less frustrating).

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