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Hey Ion, can you make sure narratively that there's a plausible reason for the Blood Elves to want to fight the Alliance, and a reason that the Blood Elves would exile the Void Elves?

More to the point, can we have the Alliance strike first for once?

I know there's some small scale stuff vs. the Alliance in Eversong and Dalaran, but it's often felt like the Blood Elves are the 'odd' people out in the Horde. I think a part of this is because aside from Garithos and Arthas nothing has really happened to them storywise since their redemption.

I say that because aside from several betrayals from the Horde itself (Wrathgate, Garrosh etc.) which felt more damning than the above ones, there just doesn't feel like a good reason the Blood Elves would want to destroy the Alliance and kill humans. There needs to be serious enmity between Stormwind and Silvermoon to sell this faction war for the Blood Elves.

I say this only because the Sunreaver / Theramore incident felt like a Sunreaver problem, and the business with the Dwarves and Night Elves spying on the Blood Elves felt small and petty by comparison.

Maybe have Alleria uhh.. accidentally blow up the Sunwell? Maybe have the Void Elves drive the Horde from Silvermoon? I mean sure, I know a lot of people like RPing there, but seriously.

It'd be a good story arc and worth the resources spent if Silvermoon fell back into the Alliance's control and there was a cohesive reason that the Horde's Blood Elves suddenly hate and want to kill the legendary Alleria Windrunner.
It is suggested that 4 allied races will be playable before the expansion hits, from the WoW website and old world scaling in 7.3.5. It would also be awkward leveling allies instead of playing mains when expansion releases, any thoughts?
Will we see updated Warlock animations by the end of Legion or will it be around BfA?
These may feel like small issues but...

1. Is there any chance that the old horde starter shirts will return in game?

2. Any chance of making it easier for us to get lower level gear for transmog purposes? I get if drop rates can't be increased on some items, but maybe we could have sources more specific than just "world drop"?

3. A lot of recipes are unavailable to certain characters due to faction (such as cooking recipes that are specific to starting zones like beer basted boar ribs or blood sausage). Will there be ways for the opposite faction to get these recipes? If not, can they be removed from our "unlearned" tab?
Seeing as how the changes in Silithus are relevant to the ending of Antorus, will they go live as soon as Antorus does? Or will it be delayed like Argus appearing in the sky for those that don't clear the raid?

Also, are the Silithus changes attached to 7.3.5?
Orcs getting a chiropractor, will that be in 7.3.5? Also, any chance that we will have Worgen getting a little chiropractor love?
how long will antorus be the last raid?
Will we be locked out of an item slot by the Heart of Azeroth, like we were with artifacts? I don't like the idea of losing a large portion of my secondary stat budget to stats I don't want.

P.S. Can we have more secondary stat customization that isn't horrible, y'kno, reforging or something.
With the inclusion of warglaive of azzinoth mog option for DH, artifact skins and legendarys, can you please lift the restriction on old legendaries xmog?
Can zones have a little more longevity in rewards/content than just the patch they're introduced in? I switched mains and took some breaks during legion, and everything is telling me I need to skip Suramar and the Broken Shore to go do Argus and empower my relics. I'm torn between focusing on what's new and what's old.

Will we be able to go back and solo Legion Mythic+ dungeons at level 120? (Or later?)
There is alot of questions about 7.3.5, but I haven't seen this one specifically: Can you share an ETA for 7.3.5 with us?
Also, will we get higher AK in the future, possible 7.3.5? :)
What is going to happen to our beloved Underlight Angler come Battle for Azeroth?
Black-er humans. When can we expect them?
Will Horde get the option of an additional Paladin race via Zandalari Paladins, given that they already exist in game/lore? (Zandalari Prelates in TOT, Freethinkers in ZG).

I would race change in a heartbeat if Zandalari Pallies become available.
With the increase to the amount of characters per server limit, will we also see an increase in the character per account limit?
It's becoming increasingly difficult to feel the reason to keep up with secondary professions when there are way more important things I can be doing, any plans on making secondary professions account wide?
you stated that there are no plans to do any major class revamps, does that mean specs that feel like they need a revamp desperately are not getting one anymore. i.e demonology warlocks / survival hunters.
Can we get some kind of clarification on Heart of Azeroth powers? Should we be expecting +5% crit on fireball or things that change rotations depending on your gear (like Anger of Half Giants)?

Will the character boost be the only option or could we opt out for a free race change when BfA launches? I want to change to a Zandalari but I'd rather not delete and remake and lose professions and the like.

Do you think you are going to continue the world content patch->Raid patch with the same sort of timeframe? Feels like hype for raids dies down by the time we are allowed in.
Will First Aid get a rework anytime soon with more useful items leveling up? On a similar note, will things like low level alchemy potions get a boost in effectiveness with the zone scaling?
Can you please explain how the Argus the Unmaker trinkets will drop? Will they be similar to Garrosh's heirlooms?

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